as of late.

I feel like life has been super busy lately.
between two jobs, school, and church I never seem to have much free time.
good news though.
I was accepted into the UVU Elementary Education Program
I passed the Praxis II test.
which, I'll be honest i was pretty surprised about.
i definitely did not study like I should have.
Between my chaotic schedule, i was able to squeeze in a dream vacation over fall break.
Kona, Hawaii
on the airplane. bright and early.

first night in hawaii. on the beach.

a sea turtle swam up to shore at the resort. so cute :)

lovin some beach time

we hiked down to this black sand beach. it was pretty amazing.
my parents gave me and cait crap the whole trip
because we always take feet pictures.
black sand.

super windy!!

This is a Portuquese Manawore.  Not to be confused with Portuguese Manwhore.
(That's what we honestly thought it was called..haha)
Caitlin got stung by one of these babies. Notice the long stinger.
My cute parents on this homemade bench swing.
Much of our time was spent laying out by the pool or beach.

Snorkling girl style.
We used mats so we wouldn't have to touch the fish. haha
There were four sea turtles feeding on the rocks right where we
were snorkling.

                                          Snorkle beach in Kona
                                                        Hapuna Beach.
                                                             the amazing parentals at Hapuna Beach.

All over town we saw signs for Donkey Balls but never knew what they were

eating at Bubba Gumps
haha and then we found some :)

night out in downtown Kona

some falls we hiked to. forgot the name ha

despite what it looks like it was FREEEEZING.

caldera volcano.

coolest hotel ever.

swimming. our last day :(

million hour layover in the airport on the way home.

killing time.

as you can see good times were definitely had.
i desperately want to go back.
anyone in?
amy lynn


paige and jord said...

i am soooo in. i've never been, and im beyond jealous. looks like a dang good time!

Amber and Mike said...

You're Spoiled!