{just a mommy}

whenever i tell brooks that i am something like a girl, princess, baker, dancer, anything, he says, "no, your just a mommy."

it always makes me laugh, the way he says it, that i'm JUST a mommy, as if i do nothing else.  the more i have thought about it, the more i love it.

ever since i can remember being a mom is what i've wanted to do in life.  i always said that if i had to do something else, it would be teaching.  i got my degree and taught for a minute while pregnant, but then i had brooks and i got to do exactly what i have always wanted.

it's so funny how before you're a parent you have all these ideas of what you are going to do, what things you are not going to do, how your going to handle certain situations, etc.  then when you actually become a parent it's a whole different ball game.
i always said my kids would never walk around with dirty faces and snotty noses, that they would never wear character clothes or light up shoes and here i am with two kids, who have messy faces more often than not, get so excited to wear a paw patrol or mickey mouse shirt, and will still not be caught dead wearing light up shoes.  i'm sorry kids, i just can't do it.

in my short nearly three years of being just a mommy, i've learned that it's not all cupcakes and sunshine.  some days are hard and some days i think "what the hell did i get myself into?"  but there always seem to be those moments among the crap that make my heart so happy and remind me why in the first place a mom is what i wanted to be.  it's especially rewarding to see your children learn and grow and incorporate principles you've taught them into their daily lives.

it amazes me each day to watch their little personalities come alive and to watch them absorb the world around them.  i love their innocence and unconditional love.  the way that children are able to look passed imperfections and forgive and forget so easily.

i know that i am more than "just a mommy," but of all my titles, jobs, responsibilities, hobbies, etc.
i think being just a mommy is my favorite.

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Kerri Andersen said...

I love this! Motherhood is such a roller coaster, but is so worthwhile as you said. I love it when women can be proud of being "just" a mom, and that they can actually recognize the huge privilege and responsibility it is to raise children. If you ask me, we need more women like you!

Brooke @ Silver Lining said...

Love this! And I love when I hear women speaking positively about motherhood. I think these days it's kind of "in style" to complain about everything as a mom. And of course there are ALWAYS legitimate things to complain about. But it's just nice hearing women speak their truth about how much they love being a mother. You go girl.