{party of five}

in case you didn't know, our little family of four is soon to be a party of five!!!

in january, we found out we were adding a little baby cakes to the harris party.  it was kind of a surprise, but after the shock of it all we were and are very excited :)

i'm kind of a weirdo and like to wait forever to tell people, including our families... it's just how i roll.  i get pretty sick during pregnancy and feel miserable a lot of the time, so i feel like it goes by faster when people don't know and aren't always asking about it.  (although, i do appreciate that people are concerned and that they care.)

i first went to the doctor when i was 11 weeks pregnant and the ultra sound tech asked if we wanted to know what we were having.  both matt and i can't handle not knowing, so we of course said yes!  she told us that she was 90% sure it was a boy even though it was SO early.  in fact, she asked if she could do a trans-vag ultra sound to investigate more and once again, it totally looked like it was a boy.  
right then and there in the ultra sound brooks decided that this baby boy would be named cosmo. (he has a little obsession with BYU and cosmo the cougar.)  the ultra sound tech told us not to announce it was a boy or go buy all the boy things just yet, but she was pretty dang sure it was a he.  from that day forth, we have been calling our little babe cosmo.

we went back in at 16 weeks for the official gender check and within 30 seconds she said, "yep, he is all boy!!" and we were stoked.

brooks asks about baby cosmo every day.  when he will come out, if he can talk yet, what he eats, can he say hi to him, etc.  it's pretty cute.  i think brooks is going to have a rude awakening when he finds out that we aren't actually going to be naming him cosmo. haha whenever we talk about any names (boy names are HARD... we've got nothing!)  brooks gets so mad and says, "no, it's cosmo!"
remi is still pretty clueless as to what's going on.

like i said, i've been pretty sick with this little one, especially the first trimester.  i wanted to say it was a boy from the beginning because my sickness was so comparable to when i was pregnant with brooks, but i know it really has no correspondence. luckily, it's been about two weeks since i've thrown up so i think it may be coming to an end.  i still feel sick throughout the day and have a hard time eating because everything sounds like death, but i'd rather feel like poo than throwing up all the time.

also, my fantastic sister in law, trina,  was kind enough to take some pictures of me to help announce the pregnancy.  could you die over this dress (similar here & here)?!  pink blush maternity has so many options and i pretty much want everything.  i LOVE that this dress can be worn pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy, and post pregnancy while nursing.  i am totally a dress girl, so any dress that works for nursing is a win in my book.

we are so excited to see our family grow and feel very blessed.  little cosmo is already so loved and we can't wait for his arrival.
almost half way done, woot woot!

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Bekah said...

Congrats again!! So exciting!! You look absolutely stunning! These pictures are beautiful!

Adrienne said...

Congrats to y'all! I was nauseated with both boys and not at all with the girls so I think for some there is a correlation, it just isn't for everyone! So glad you are feeling better! How sweet that he already has a nickname...and in the Vancherie/McCartney family, you can pretty much bank on that one sticking lol

Alacia Hood said...

SO exciting!! Boy names are SO hard! At the rate we're going we better have all girls because there are zero boy names we agree on haha!