remi jayne : 18 months old

our little lady is 18 months old.

at 18 months remi 
weighs: 22 pounds 15 ounces (54%)
height: 32 1/2 inches (60%)
and she's got a big noggin haha i don't remember how many CM, but it's in the 90% 

  she loves:

-her binky collection
-her silky pink blankets
-sparkle shoes
-peppa pig
-reading books
-watching me put on makeup and copying me
-all the food
-playing outside
-jumping on the tramp
-her daddy (she asks at least 5 times a day "dadda at?")
-playing with brooks
-tackling people
-playing peek-a-boo
-taking baths or showers
-swimming and playing at the park

she's not a fan of:

-teething (hence the hand in her mouth always, those fangs are a beast)
-being told no
-feeling hungry
-when brooks closes his bedroom door
-when she can't go outside
-getting woken up

remi is the silliest, goofiest little thing.  she loves to make us laugh and she will repeat whatever she is doing over and over again if we think it's funny.  she is also the biggest sponge you will ever meet.  she repeats what we say on the daily.  the other day i was doing my own thing while she was playing and i said "what the heck?!"  and next thing i know remi says, "wat da heck?" and repeats it daily.  it is both hilarious and terrifying to know that she copies what we say hahaha.

she is such a cuddle bug.  she loves to grab books and sit up on our laps and read forever.  she will bring me a book and we will read, and then she will bring the same book to matt and have him read it to her.  she also likes to bring us her special blankies and a pillow when she's tired and ready to go lay down.

she has entered into the tantrum stage which is not so lovely because there is no reasoning with her at all.  basically if she is upset, she will cry and scream and yell at you for 20 minutes, until she is ready for a hug and a cuddle.  there is basically nothing you can do during that time to make it better.  she is a stubborn little lady and does things on her own time... it's really fun, especially in the middle of stores :)

remi is the bravest little lady there is.  she will try anything and everything she sees other kids doing and especially loves to copy brooks.  she has no fear when it comes to climbing, jumping, going down the big slides at the park, etc.  she is our little adventurer.

she is the perfect amount of sweet and sassy, and we couldn't love her more.
she's our little princess.

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Adrienne said...

Sweet girl! And you look great ☺️