flashback friday: road trip with the ladies.

number 7 on my birthday bucket list was to go on a girl's trip...and that's just what we did.
along with some babies, of course!

we packed up the mini van and headed to a condo in st.george for two days.  i am a lover of hotels but i must say it was so nice having extra space and being able to cook some of our meals rather than eating out all the time.  condo for the win :)

we did what you typically do on a girls trip.
ate. swam. shopped. talked. laid out. swam some more.

 some sister wives action.

^^also, i just love this picture.  after the babies went to bed we were confined to the condo, but that didn't stop us from having a little fun.  this picture totally sums up our friendship.  and i love it.

on the way home after one of our nursing stops, we took a family selfie.  probably the most homeless family selfie in history, but it's pretty great.
and we may or may not have got a speeding ticket on the way home.

i am pretty certain in the general rule book of life, at least one girls trip is necessary per year in order to survive.
i'm glad i got mine in :)


pregnancy update: 27 weeks.

here i stand at 27 weeks, 3 days pregnant.
nearing my third trimester and all i've got is some awkward bathroom selfies.
i must say, poor baby sheila.. she is getting documented far less than brooks did.
also, for the record we are not naming her sheila... it's just what we refer to her as of now.

how far along// 27 weeks, 3 days

maternity clothes//maternity leggings, normal everything else

weight loss/gain// 10 pounds. i must say, i'm gaining a lot faster than i did with brooks. at 26 weeks with brooks i had only gained 3 pounds.  what can i say, baby girl loves food :)

best thing about this week// brooks giving my belly loves all the time.  he of course doesn't really understand, but it's still ridiculously cute.

gender// girl

name// TBD. we have 3 main names on the chopping block.  i just can't commit for some dang reason.  want to hear them?? ok, i will tell you.  in no particular order they are... harper, ryan, & remi.  i will say matt's number one is remi. but i just don't know.  feel free to give your input haha

movements// if the amount this child moves is any indication of her activity once she is on earth, then heaven help me.  she will never sleep! haha seriously though, she is ALWAYS flipping and kicking her way around my uterus...especially when i hold brooks.  they are buds already.

food cravings// cereal. the occasional taco bell burrito. fruit. hot dogs.. weird but true.
aversions// if the smell bothers me at any given point, i can't eat it.

what i miss// energy.  i have none... and yet, somehow i just keep going.

sleep// i have a hard time falling asleep some nights, but once i fall asleep i'm golden.  like i said above however, i don't think there is any amount of sleep that i could have that would make me feel awake and energized.  growing a human = sleepy amy.

what i'm looking forward to// next week i get to see her little face again.  i seriously luck out and get ultrasounds at every appointment for various reasons.  i have so many ultra sound pictures i don't even know what to do with them all.

oh baby girl, october can't come soon enough.


{six} favorites.

with summer in full swing, here are some of my favorite products that i've been using A LOT lately :)

one// urban decay 24/7 perversion eyeliner LOVE this stuff.  it glides on so smoothly, stays beautiful all day, and doesn't smear or smudge with sweat and water.  it's worth $19 for sure.

two// neutrogena oil-free moisturizer with spf 15 confession... i didn't start wearing moisturizer until about a month ago.  i know, i'm horrible.  however this stuff is bomb.  usually in the summer, my face is the only thing that gets burned.  since i've been using this every day i have yet to have a burned face...and i'm outside a lot!  my face isn't dry and of course, it doesn't leave me feeling oily.

three// herbal essences naked dry shampoo i have been wanting to try out a dry shampoo forever.  luckily, influenster sent me this stuff to try out.  it is a full size bottle so it will last a long time.  i have nothing to compare it to seeing as this is my first run with dry shampoo, but i quite like it.  i have gone multiple 4,5,6 and dare i say 7 days without washing my hair.  it's pure summer heaven. plus, it smells good!

four// eva nyc therapy session hair mask oh. my. gosh. this stuff is straight heaven. i received this in my may ipsy i believe. number one, it smells SO GOOD.. like i probably sniff it daily, it's that good.  number two, it leaves my hair feeling and looking so shiny.  since i've put bleach in my hair i've had a really hard time with it looking healthy.  after using this stuff just once, it made a huge difference.  i've tried many, many deep conditioners/hair masks and this is my fav by far.

five// nyx butter gloss everyone and their dogs is loving these right now, but can you blame them?  i love that they are not sticky like other lip glosses.  i love the formula and the pigmentation of the colors.  i love the variety of colors they have to choose from.  i pretty much just can't say enough...and i can't stay away.  i've got five already and i've got my eye on more.  i pretty much wear these daily. and ipsy also sent me one of these..score!

six// ofra universal eyebrow pencil ok so this is something that i also got in my ipsy.  i've never been one to take great care of my eyebrows (which is a shame because well groomed eyebrows make a big difference)...so i definitely have never been one to pencil mine in.  well, i tried it out one day and now i'm hooked.  this baby is eyebrow gold.  my eyebrows have improved ten fold. try it.

like i mentioned above, i recently signed up for the monthly subscription of ipsy (which is so awesome by the way).  each month they send you a cute little makeup bag full of five or six products to try.  usually they are half to full size which is great.  some of the products i have gotten i've loved so much that i am going to continue to buy and use after my samples run out.
it's ten dollars a month and so far it has definitely been way worth the money.  if you are interested in trying new products definitely check this out.

ok people, what else do i need to try?  i'm on this beauty kick where i just need to try everything... dang youtube beauty gurus.  i get so addicted.  for reals though, let me know in the comments what you are loving :)


life lately.

according to my cellular device, this is what we have been up to lately...

lots of evening owlz baseball games//craft day with friends

saturday hikes//playing at the park//outdoor uno tournaments after brooks is asleep

doctor visits//day at the pool//feeling so pleased with a new forward facing carseat

new way to ride in the stroller//OBSESSED with books (makes this mama happy)//feeding the ducks

girls road trip//outside water shenanigans//fire & smores with friends

not pictured would be the millions of shaved ice, beverage, slurp runs that occur on the weekly.  along with pretty much daily swimming.
what can i say? we love summer <3 p="">

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one random sunday.

a few sundays ago two of the most random/funny things happened in the same day that i felt like i needed to document them so i would not forget.

shortly after arriving home from church, brooks was a hot mess.  he was tired and cranky and in desperate need of a bum change.  matt laid him on the couch to change his bum and brooks was just sobbing and sobbing like his world was ending (which is unusual during a bum change.)  he was quite wet so matt decided to let him stand nakey noo for a little bit to air out.

he stood brooks up and as soon as he did brooks started peeing ALL OVER matt.  the best part was that brooks was still crying and throwing his head back and i just laughed my head off and took pictures... of course.

it seriously was SO MUCH PEE!!  he just kept going and going.

exhibit A

the next incident happened later in the evening after brooks had gone to bed.  matt and i were out on the back lawn having an uno tournament.  our backyard meets that awesome canal trail that goes from like provo canyon to cedar hills.  there are constantly people passing by and we've seen our fair share of interesting characters from time to time.

this particular night i kept hearing something in the brush.  i kept looking back but saw nothing.  all of a sudden, this human stumbles (and i mean stumbles) out of the bushes like he has no idea where he is or what he is doing.  
matt and i continue to play but are also watching closely to see what he is doing.  he stopped in the middle of the trail and just starred for a good five or so minutes and then continued walking a little bit further and closer to us.
he then stopped and starred at us for a good ten minutes.  i kid you not it was the most awkward thing ever and i was slightly creeped out.  we had our backs to him, but i kept track of him by my camera phone haha see below...

this human did not move or budge and we were feeling super weird about it.  after the longest ten minutes ever he creepily walks up to our fence, crawls through the brush and bushes, and says, "hey!"

i responded by, "can we help you?"
we then chatted with him for a few minutes and he was DEFINITELY off his rocker... drunk, high.. i'm not sure but he had no clue what was going on.
he kept telling us what a nice house we have and how beautiful it was.  that made me creeped that he was gonna come back and murder us or something.

after some small talk and him reassuring us that he can find his way home, he took off.  back into the bushes he went stumbling and nearly falling over.

it seriously was so weird.
and that my friends, is one random sunday :)


honest to blog.

it's one of the hardest, challenging, yet most rewarding, fulfilling, happiest calling one can take on.

to be honest, motherhood has come really easy for me.
it wasn't a hard transition, i didn't get the baby blues, he was a relatively easy baby, and brooks has just tagged along and we've continued living life as normal as possible.

sure, things are different... schedules to keep, naps to be had, and the unpredictable blowouts, throwups, tantrums, etc. which always keeps things exciting, but for the most part brooks has fit right in and i haven't felt like my life has changed all that much.

don't get me wrong, i've had many moments of frustration, my fair share of second guessing my parenting choices, and tears have been shed.  motherhood is a huge, i mean HUGE responsibility.  i often times feel overwhelmed thinking about brooks growing older in this world that we live in and all of the things that i as his mother need to teach him.  to be honest, it scares me.

the last week or so of motherhood has probably been the hardest yet.  
i made the decision to start weaning brooks from nursing shortly after he turned one.  because i am pregnant and will start that whole process over again in just a few months, i wanted a decent break.  i'm not one of those moms who loves to breast feed.

the first few days, brooks did awesome.  he was able to fall asleep without nursing and i was thinking, "dang, this isn't so bad after all."  i was prepared for the worst  because usually i nurse him to sleep, but he was handling it quite well.  after about two or three days brooks started cutting two teeth and all hell broke lose.  getting him to sleep for naps, bedtime, anything was an absolute joke.  
he doesn't take bottles, binkies, doesn't have a special blankie, or stuffed animal.. nothing along those lines, so he had nothing to comfort or soothe him besides the boob.

we have had the same sleep routine forever, but all of the sudden he was so mad at me because i wouldn't nurse him.  he would try and bite my shoulder or shove my face, and don't even get me started about letting him cry it out.
absolute nightmare.
the kid never gives up, he will cry forever.

it has taken anywhere from 30 - 90 minutes to just get him to fall asleep and then he doesn't sleep well and wakes up at 5 or 6 am.  he hasn't been his normal self and whining has come in full force.

i found myself overly tired, overly frustrated, and quite frankly pissed. one day in particular i had had it and i screamed and told brooks to stop crying rather loudly.
obviously, that was a dumb thing to do because it scared him and made him cry harder, and immediately i felt so guilty and so mad at myself.

i started crying, and i did not stop for three hours.  seriously, it was bad.  i'm gonna chalk the length of it up to hormones and being pregnant haha but i'm fairly certain matt thought i was insane.

luckily, i have matt.  he was able to take over and give me a break.  he ended up taking brooks on a drive to get him to sleep for the night, while i just sat on the couch in a ball and sobbed.

after talking and expressing my frustrations with brooks and myself, matt helped me realize something so important.  maybe the most important thing i've learned through being a mother.

matt helped me realize and see that tomorrow is another day. a chance to start over, be better, try harder.

brooks is little and he doesn't understand.  he doesn't understand why i am frustrated, he doesn't understand what he is doing wrong.  he's constantly learning each day but he's still a baby himself.
he is also very loving, and very forgiving.

you better believe the next morning when he woke up he stood at his crib and smiled so big as we got him out of bed.  you better believe that he laid his little head on my shoulder and gave me lovies.
babies are some of the most forgiving and loving humans.

i'm not perfect, i don't know all the answers, but brooks trusts me to take care of him and love him and provide for him.

this whole hellish experience we are going through has helped me realize that if one day sucks so bad, i can try again the next day, and the next, and the next.  i am constantly learning and trying to do better and eventually it always gets better.

so, if you are having one of those days.  the ones where you feel like you are failing at motherhood, or you could drop kick your child (only joking, don't do that), just rememeber


and you can get through it.


family pics 2014.

after we took brooks' one year photos we decided to sneak in some family pictures.
however, brooks had a different idea.  he would NOT cooperate and basically cried the whole time.  he was quite upset when we changed his clothes and took away his cake.. can you blame him?

even through the tears and tantrums, tregani was able to work her magic and capture some sweet candid moments and even a few good smiles.  basically she's amazing!

crazy to think that the next time we take family pictures we will have another little one in the mix!
now to decide which ones to print for our home :)

thanks treg, you are a gem!