remi jayne: four months old.

it's fine that my child is nearly six months old and i'm just barely getting around to posting her four month update.  life happens i suppose.

remi jayne at 4 months old.

weight: 14 pounds 10 ounces - 40%
height: 25 inches - 30%

they say the camera adds ten pounds and it's true in remi's case.  ok, maybe not ten but she is coming across as a butterball of chub in this pictures and she's actually quite dainty and petite.  don't get me wrong though, she's got some good goo going on in all the right places.

 at four months, remi loves:

-sticking everything within reach in her mouth.
-grabbing everything.
-baby food (oatmeal, bananas, sweet potatoes)
-kicking in the tub
-being held
-watching brooks and laughing at him
-playing with toys
-rolling from tummy to back and back to tummy
-the bumbo

 remi hates:

-being sick
-being alone
-when the food is gone
-too much tummy time/floor time
-taking medicine

little rooster has mastered rolling over from back to tummy & tummy to back.  she can sit up for a minute or two at a time before toppling over.  she is the most curious little thing and is constantly grabbing for anything within reach.  she has become super interested in food, so with the okay from the doctor i began feeding her oatmeal cereal and bananas.  she thoroughly enjoys food, even if half of it ends up on the outside of her mouth... we are working on it. haha

poor little girl got quite sick towards the end of her fourth month of life.  she went to the doctors a few times and even made a trip to the ER one night for a ridiculously high fever.  in fact, she had a fever for about ten days straight, along with snot, goobers, and a heinous cough.  of course, it was all just a dumb virus and they couldn't do much.  towards the end of the sickness she did get her first ear infection which resulted in some antibiotics... this seemed to stop the fever as well which was a blessing for all.  i could do without sick children for the rest of forever.  it was heartbreaking and horrible.
remi lost about one pound and actually now as i write this at 5 months and 19 days she weighs 13 pounds 12 ounces.

two good things came from remi being sick.  
1. she lost her voice and her shrill little scream.  it was extremely sad when she cried, but also a little comical because it was so wispy and quiet.
2. she stopped hating the car so much and generally fell asleep.

our little sissy boo is wearing size two diapers, her clothes range from zero to six months in size, and she's got the prettiest curl to her eyelashes.  everyday i want to put mascara on them haha.  

she was sleeping pretty good at night until she got sick and now she wakes up two or three times... BOOOOOO!!  usually i can get her back to sleep fairly quickly without nursing, but at least once she has to nurse.  she is still sleeping in our room because i am too scared to put her and brooks in the same room especially because she wakes up.  anyone have any advice on two babes in the same room?  tips or tricks that worked?  send them my way.

oh remi jayne!
she is the sweetest little thing with a side of hot sauce. 
we love you baby girl.


remi jayne: three months old.

this little lady is now closer to four months than she is three, but better late than never right?!
in the short three point eight months remi girl has graced us with her presence she has gained quite the variety of nicknames...

sissy boo
fat cakes
sister sue
roo roo
sheila mae
ruby tuesday
alicia mae 
remi cakes

and those are just the ones used most.

if you have ever met remi, then you know that she is the smiliest little human ever to live.  her eyes light up real big, her head bobbles, and her gummy little mouth opens as wide as possible.  she basically smiles on command which is great for pictures but she had a different idea this time around.  i think she was going for a more serious look, because i could barely get her to crack a smile.

remi jayne at three months old

weight: 12ish pounds
height: 25 inches

at three months remi loves:

-sucking her hands
-putting toys in her mouth
-watching brooks play
-kicking in the tub
-watching videos of herself laughing
-smiling at everyone
-being held

remi hates:

-the car: 
oh man, this girl has a set of pipes and she likes to use them in the car.  it has gotten so bad lately!! if she's not asleep in the car then she is most likely screaming bloody murder.  the kind of screaming that doesn't even allow you to hear yourself think.  it's awful.
-being alone in a room
-when her binky falls out
-when she's both hungry and tired and can't seem to decide what she needs more.
-getting her boogers sucked

three months has brought out the laughs and tiny baby giggles in miss remi.  we all can get her to laugh, but brooks does it best.  if brooks is laughing, remi is laughing.  she also thinks it is quite hilarious when i raise her arms above her head... guaranteed laughs.

remi-roo can successfully roll from her tummy to her back and is so so close to rolling from her back to tummy.  she gets all the way over but cannot figure out how to pull her arm out from under her.  we have started giving her toys and laying her under a play mat and she loves it.  she grabs things and sucks on them until they are soaking wet.  she is a slobber queen.

she's had a beast of a cold that won't seem to go away.  there was a few nights where she was waking herself up because of all the snot.  we finally got a good humidifier and it's gotten a lot better but we still have to use that dang booger sucker.

she loves to stand and put weight on her legs.  brooks was like this too and went straight to walking, never crawling... it makes me wonder if she will do the same.

she is still wearing size one diapers, but i'm going to switch her to 2's once we finish this box.  she is mostly wearing size 0-3 month clothing but i am starting to pull out the 3-6 month.  she's getting some leg and arm chub and i love to goo her... so does brooks :)

sissy boo pretty much runs the show around here.  
we love this little lady so much.


throwback thursday: a day at the park.

one time we had a picnic at the park... 

this winter has been fairly mild and it's been nice because we've been able to spend some much needed time outside.  one particular day some friends and i packed up the children, picked up some lunch, and headed to the park.

as you can see, good times were had by all.
we love having so many baby friends to play with :)

i'm just hoping that the lack of snow and frigid weather doesn't mean it will be cold until may! haha


{wild hearted apparel}

my sister in law trina had the opportunity to take some product photos for this cute little shop on etsy called wild hearted apparel.
brooks and remi were able to be little models, along with their cousin ivy.

black leggings//black beanies//black knot headband -- wild hearted apparel

this shop has the cutest little leggings, beanies, headbands, and bibdanas.  i have my eye on a few pieces for my littles.

i am LOVING this floral print for remi

i'm pretty sure brooks needs these ... 

and these would be perfect for valentine's.

dressing little humans is just too much fun :)