easter sunday.

my heart is very full from this easter season.
seeing all of the #becauseofhim posts made me realize and remember how blessed i am and how good i have it... even in the worst of times.

because of him, i have an eternal family

because of him, my life has a purpose and a plan

because of him, we were able to bring this perfect being into the world and trusted to raise him righteously.

because of him, i can correct my mistakes and strive each day to be a better wife, mother, friend, daughter, etc.

because of him, we live

& if you haven't yet seen this video, i highly recommend you watch it


easter saturday at the park.

every year my family gets together for an easter bbq and egg hunt for the littles.
you can see by the pictures that brooks is loving life these days.

eight of the sixteen cousins.

first ever easter egg hunt was a success.
it's only a matter of time before the candy replaces the egg :)


i'm the kind of girl...

i'm the kind of girl who...

-needs something sweet after every meal, except breakfast.

-goes as long as possible without washing my hair.

-can watch the same episodes of FRIENDS over and over, and still laugh.

-hates doing the dishes.

-loves getting my back tickled before falling asleep.

-is confident and comfortable in my own skin.

-always has my phone with me.

-forgives easily and believes in second chances.

-changes into sweats or leggings as soon as i get home.

-prefers a good tub over a shower.

-loves all babies and kids, especially my own.

-prefers to be a stay at home mom and pretend to love cooking and cleaning, rather than go out in the work force.

-has got your back.

-loves my little family more than anything.



i saw this over on cara's blog originally from harley&jane.
thought it would be fun to join in.

him: non-fiction
her: fiction

him: espn
her: reality TV

him: code red mt.dew
her: dr.pepper

him: snow skiing
her: laying poolside

him: steak
her: chicken

him: showers
her: tubs

him: vans
her: boots

him: winter
her: summer

him: BMW
her: jeep liberty

both: lovers of candy
both: lover of watching friends
both: obsessed with brooks


7 months old.

today brooks is 7 months and 20 days old.

in the last month he has learned so much! he's becoming a little boy.

i must say, the seventh month has probably been the hardest, most challenging month as a mother.  there have been times i've wanted to throw in the towel or call a time out.  most of this was do to the fact that he was sick for over two weeks.  that is much too long in baby world and messes up all sorts of schedules and routines.
if i never have to clean up throw up again i would not be sad.

anyway, beyond the sickness, the seventh month has been so exciting and fun.
brooks has learned how to wave and say bye-bye on command.  he also gives high fives, open mouthed kisses, and the best baby nuzzles you ever did receive.

he may skip crawling all together because he has started to pull himself up on furniture and refuses to stay on his knees.  he scoots backwards or rolls around, but he will not crawl.  he is learning and loving to walk while we hold his hands.  in some ways, i'm so excited for him to be more mobile and move around more independently, but in some ways i'm not looking forward to it. (actually sweeping and moping on a regular basis, no thanks!)

he is the sweetest, happiest little guy and is full of spunky personality.  he knows his mom and daddy and is starting to prefer them, especially when tired, but he still loves all people.
he has become so curious and often tilts his head to the side as if he is trying to figure something out.  it's my favorite :)

at 7 months brooks loves:

-eating whatever we are eating
-drinking out of straws and water bottles
-sitting in the high chair
-baths and showers
-his stuffed animal lion
-toys that aren't actually toys
-playing peek-a-boo
-singing songs
-reading books

at 7 months brooks hates:

-baby food meat (can you blame him?!)
-getting dressed
-his crib (50/50 really)
-being alone in a room
-when something gets taken away from him

i can't imagine life without this little guy.
 he truly has changed our world for the better.  it seems like so many people bash on "mommy bloggers" (cuz i guess i'm one of those now) or people get annoyed with all the posting pictures, updates, baby this, baby that etc.  but TRUST me.. once you have a baby it changes everything for good, and you can't help but share the joy that comes into your life.  mark my word.. all of you haters will be posting just like me! haha

but for reals,
i feel blessed to have been trusted with this sweet baby boy.
and his two little teethies...
and that drool...

and his ice blue eyes...
and that tongue.
ok, i'm done.

books, books, more books

it's been awhile since i've shared what i've been reading as of late.
mostly i like to keep track for myself as i have a short term goal of reading 27 books before september, and 1,000+ books in my lifetime.

i like to read anything and everything.  as i was looking through the list of books i've read recently ( i keep a book diary so that i don't forget what i have read) some of the books i honestly can't remember what they are about... so obviously they must not  have been that good.  haha i will start with those and then move to my favorites :)

like i said.. i don't even remember what this book is about.  from what i remember it's probably a book i would have read in high school.  it was an easy read, but also easily forgotten.

a true story about a girl who is HIV positive, because her mother was a carrier of the disease when she was pregnant.  i listened to this book while nursing brooks and it was interesting.  it made me really sad at times, but left me feeling hopeful.

i love anything that has to do with WWII.  this is a fictional story about a girl who travels back to the time of anne frank and experiences what life was like for her.  i liked it, but i'm kind of weird.

the one and only baby book i have ever read (listened too actually).  i learned some interesting things, and have used bits and pieces... but i wouldn't consider brooks a "baby wise" baby.

i love "a fault in our stars" so much that i had to read everything else by john green.  this is probably my least favorite of the ones that i have read so far, but i still liked it.  it was kind of hard to get into but endure and it gets better.

another john green book.  i really liked this one... probably my second favorite.  i really just like good friendships and this book is built around good friendships.  read it.

a follow up to "beautiful disaster"  essentially the exact same story, but told in the boys point of view.  i quite liked it.  has some intense language, so be ye warned.

such a good book.  it made me sad for kids who are bullied and kids who bully others, but it has a good moral.  if i taught upper elementary, i would use this book as a read aloud.

i loved her book "the glass caslte" and this book was similar in writing style.  a story of two girls and their crazy mom.  i recommend.

just finished this book this past weekend.  it was superb!  i am looking forward to reading more of her books.  basically the book starts with many different characters and their different stories and as you continue reading, their lives intertwine and everything comes together.  kept me on my toes and wanting more.

there you have it.
my reads as of late.
check out goodreads to read more about each book, as i didn't feel like writing them all out.

and as always, what have you read lately that i need to pick up? 


top five.

top five things that made our january great... in no particular order.

1. brooks and i took a trip to california to visit my sister and her family while matt went on a business trip.  flying alone with a baby wasn't as bad as i anticipated.  brooks was a champ, but i did have some interesting moments....

-i managed to squeeze poop out of a dirty diaper all over my leg and boot.
-had to de board the plane and flight ended up getting cancelled.. so we spent an extra day.
-flashed my boobies anywhere from 5-7 times while trying to nurse on the plane.
-due to airplane pressure when i opened my contigo water bottle on the plane it shot out like old faithful and drenched all the people sitting in the three rows in front of me.
...to name a few.

2. attending BYU basketball games with my two favorite boys...go cougs!

3. gaining a new sister in law.  matt's little brother andrew got married to lauren and we couldn't be more happy or excited for them.

4. finally buying a high chair for brooks.  he loves it.

5. the end of a two week sickness for brooks, which included millions of baths.
praying we steer clear of any sickness for the rest of the winter.. blah!

we also had some game nights with friends, many beverage runs, a 7 month old birthday,  family ice cream date, several take your wife and child to work with you days, family sleepovers, a trip to the E.R., business trips, movie nights, and lots of poopy diapers.

we live a good life.
so long, january.