{mother's day 2016}

for mother's day, matt put together some of the video clips we have of our kids.  i've been talking about doing it forever but never have.  i was so happy and literally cried my eyes out the second he pushed play.  brooks and remi are so obsessed with it and request watching it over and over again.  it's the sweetest little thing and makes my heart happy.
family is the best.

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{just a mommy}

whenever i tell brooks that i am something like a girl, princess, baker, dancer, anything, he says, "no, your just a mommy."

it always makes me laugh, the way he says it, that i'm JUST a mommy, as if i do nothing else.  the more i have thought about it, the more i love it.

ever since i can remember being a mom is what i've wanted to do in life.  i always said that if i had to do something else, it would be teaching.  i got my degree and taught for a minute while pregnant, but then i had brooks and i got to do exactly what i have always wanted.

it's so funny how before you're a parent you have all these ideas of what you are going to do, what things you are not going to do, how your going to handle certain situations, etc.  then when you actually become a parent it's a whole different ball game.
i always said my kids would never walk around with dirty faces and snotty noses, that they would never wear character clothes or light up shoes and here i am with two kids, who have messy faces more often than not, get so excited to wear a paw patrol or mickey mouse shirt, and will still not be caught dead wearing light up shoes.  i'm sorry kids, i just can't do it.

in my short nearly three years of being just a mommy, i've learned that it's not all cupcakes and sunshine.  some days are hard and some days i think "what the hell did i get myself into?"  but there always seem to be those moments among the crap that make my heart so happy and remind me why in the first place a mom is what i wanted to be.  it's especially rewarding to see your children learn and grow and incorporate principles you've taught them into their daily lives.

it amazes me each day to watch their little personalities come alive and to watch them absorb the world around them.  i love their innocence and unconditional love.  the way that children are able to look passed imperfections and forgive and forget so easily.

i know that i am more than "just a mommy," but of all my titles, jobs, responsibilities, hobbies, etc.
i think being just a mommy is my favorite.

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{party of five}

in case you didn't know, our little family of four is soon to be a party of five!!!

in january, we found out we were adding a little baby cakes to the harris party.  it was kind of a surprise, but after the shock of it all we were and are very excited :)

i'm kind of a weirdo and like to wait forever to tell people, including our families... it's just how i roll.  i get pretty sick during pregnancy and feel miserable a lot of the time, so i feel like it goes by faster when people don't know and aren't always asking about it.  (although, i do appreciate that people are concerned and that they care.)

i first went to the doctor when i was 11 weeks pregnant and the ultra sound tech asked if we wanted to know what we were having.  both matt and i can't handle not knowing, so we of course said yes!  she told us that she was 90% sure it was a boy even though it was SO early.  in fact, she asked if she could do a trans-vag ultra sound to investigate more and once again, it totally looked like it was a boy.  
right then and there in the ultra sound brooks decided that this baby boy would be named cosmo. (he has a little obsession with BYU and cosmo the cougar.)  the ultra sound tech told us not to announce it was a boy or go buy all the boy things just yet, but she was pretty dang sure it was a he.  from that day forth, we have been calling our little babe cosmo.

we went back in at 16 weeks for the official gender check and within 30 seconds she said, "yep, he is all boy!!" and we were stoked.

brooks asks about baby cosmo every day.  when he will come out, if he can talk yet, what he eats, can he say hi to him, etc.  it's pretty cute.  i think brooks is going to have a rude awakening when he finds out that we aren't actually going to be naming him cosmo. haha whenever we talk about any names (boy names are HARD... we've got nothing!)  brooks gets so mad and says, "no, it's cosmo!"
remi is still pretty clueless as to what's going on.

like i said, i've been pretty sick with this little one, especially the first trimester.  i wanted to say it was a boy from the beginning because my sickness was so comparable to when i was pregnant with brooks, but i know it really has no correspondence. luckily, it's been about two weeks since i've thrown up so i think it may be coming to an end.  i still feel sick throughout the day and have a hard time eating because everything sounds like death, but i'd rather feel like poo than throwing up all the time.

also, my fantastic sister in law, trina,  was kind enough to take some pictures of me to help announce the pregnancy.  could you die over this dress (similar here & here)?!  pink blush maternity has so many options and i pretty much want everything.  i LOVE that this dress can be worn pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy, and post pregnancy while nursing.  i am totally a dress girl, so any dress that works for nursing is a win in my book.

we are so excited to see our family grow and feel very blessed.  little cosmo is already so loved and we can't wait for his arrival.
almost half way done, woot woot!

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remi jayne : 18 months old

our little lady is 18 months old.

at 18 months remi 
weighs: 22 pounds 15 ounces (54%)
height: 32 1/2 inches (60%)
and she's got a big noggin haha i don't remember how many CM, but it's in the 90% 

  she loves:

-her binky collection
-her silky pink blankets
-sparkle shoes
-peppa pig
-reading books
-watching me put on makeup and copying me
-all the food
-playing outside
-jumping on the tramp
-her daddy (she asks at least 5 times a day "dadda at?")
-playing with brooks
-tackling people
-playing peek-a-boo
-taking baths or showers
-swimming and playing at the park

she's not a fan of:

-teething (hence the hand in her mouth always, those fangs are a beast)
-being told no
-feeling hungry
-when brooks closes his bedroom door
-when she can't go outside
-getting woken up

remi is the silliest, goofiest little thing.  she loves to make us laugh and she will repeat whatever she is doing over and over again if we think it's funny.  she is also the biggest sponge you will ever meet.  she repeats what we say on the daily.  the other day i was doing my own thing while she was playing and i said "what the heck?!"  and next thing i know remi says, "wat da heck?" and repeats it daily.  it is both hilarious and terrifying to know that she copies what we say hahaha.

she is such a cuddle bug.  she loves to grab books and sit up on our laps and read forever.  she will bring me a book and we will read, and then she will bring the same book to matt and have him read it to her.  she also likes to bring us her special blankies and a pillow when she's tired and ready to go lay down.

she has entered into the tantrum stage which is not so lovely because there is no reasoning with her at all.  basically if she is upset, she will cry and scream and yell at you for 20 minutes, until she is ready for a hug and a cuddle.  there is basically nothing you can do during that time to make it better.  she is a stubborn little lady and does things on her own time... it's really fun, especially in the middle of stores :)

remi is the bravest little lady there is.  she will try anything and everything she sees other kids doing and especially loves to copy brooks.  she has no fear when it comes to climbing, jumping, going down the big slides at the park, etc.  she is our little adventurer.

she is the perfect amount of sweet and sassy, and we couldn't love her more.
she's our little princess.

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brooks hayden || two and a half

brooks hayden at 2.5 years old:

weight: 35 pounds (91%)
height: 38.5 inches (94%)

brooks is at such a fun age.  he is hilarious and has really become my best little buddy.  last time i did an update post, brooks wasn't really talking very much.  he has come a LONG way and now is talking up a storm.  it kills me the things he says sometimes.

at this age, brooks loves:

-watching "shows" (kids youtube & netlix)
-paw patrol, daniel tiger, caillou, mickey mouse clubhouse
-reading books
-playing pretend
-target & costco
-playing with cousins and friends
-pink cookies from swig
-waffles, cottage cheese, samachis (sandwich)
-playing in the snow
-jumping off of stuff

he is not so fond of

-when i wear my hair up  seriously, he cries or whines and tells me to put it down anytime it's up.
-the idea of church  haha every morning he says "i don't want to go to church" which is funny because he actually likes nursery now.
-going to the doctor
-when he doesn't get to watch a show
-most vegetables

things i want to remember:

-the way he asks, "can i watch a show on your phooooone?"
-when he grabs my face and says, "you my best fwiend in da whole wold"
-when he can hear in our voices that we are annoyed, frustrated, sad, etc.  he will ask us, "mommy/daddy you happy?"  
-how he still loves for us to hold his hand in the car or when we lay with him in bed and when he says, "can i cuddow" (cuddle)
-how he always calls remi "wem wems" and asks a million times a day if he can hold her (which she hates by the way).
-how he blesses everyone he can think of in his prayers, including paw patrol characters
-he always wants to know everyone's names.  if we are reading a book, he will point to every single person or animal and ask what their name is.  if matt and i are talking and he's listening he will ask the name of whoever we are talking about.
-whenever he doesn't like something or doesn't want to do something he will say, "i don't like you, your gwoss! or i don't like dat, it's gwoss!"  everything is gwoss.
-he's the most particular kid ever about the weirdest things.
-how he is the sweetest, most tender kid.  he is so cuddly and lovey.  he always wants to be held and he always wants to lay next to someone for naps or bedtime.

there is so much more i could write.  i just want to bottle him up and keep him at this age.  he is a little turd nugget at times, but his happy. precious moments make up for it times a million.

he is so cute with remi and loves to play with her.  sometimes a little too much.  she doesn't like to be touched or held and he LOVES to touch her or try and hold and pick her up.  he is good to share his toys with her or trade her toys and he is always so excited to see her in the morning.  they are cute.

brooks is pretty much wearing 3T clothes right now and in size 6 diapers.  we are going to start potty training him soon, but i don't want to rush it.  he already tells us when he needs to go to the bathroom but he has no interest in sitting on the toilet.  we shall see.

i can't believe he will be three in no time.  we love you brooks hayden!


a new year.

we are only one week into 2016 and we've already had a lot of changes in the harris household.
matt decided to quit his job of flipping houses and focus more time and effort into school.  it all happened so quickly but once the decision was made, it was like a weight was lifted and we were able to see that this was the right move for our family.

this week, matt started a part time marketing job for a chiropractic company and is headed to school full time.  we truly have been blessed with good opportunities that have fallen into our lap at the right time, and we are excited to see what 2016 has in store for us.

family goals:
-family home evening weekly
-nightly prayers and scriptures
-take a family vacation with just the four of us
-one on one (or two on one) date nights with our kids

kid goals:
-potty training by may (for brooks)
-more fruits and veggies (mostly veggies)
-read books every day
-daily learning activities
-lots of outdoor play

matt & amy goals:

-attend the temple once a month
-daily individual & couple scripture study/prayer
-date night once a week
-healthier eating & regular consistent exercise
-more water, less soda
-save money towards a house/pay off debt
-read 2 books a month (amy)
-take a couples trip without our babies

obviously these goals are not very specific and pretty typical, but we have more specific plans and ideas on how we are going to achieve our goals over the next year.  most importantly, we want to be happy and spend lots of time together as a family.

cheers to 2016, it's going to be a good one.

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