{family of four} fall 2014

long time, no blog.
mostly due to the fact that we have a new little lady in our house and she loves to hog everyones attention.  i'm sure most of you know, but our little remi jayne joined our family on october 7th.  i have every intention of sharing her birth story and all the precious pictures your little heart can handle in the very near future, so stay tuned!

last weekend, we got our family pictures taken by our friend Alyssa.  we went up provo canyon across the street from Bridal Veil Falls and it was absolutely beautiful.  can i just say that i love where i live?!
utah is so beautiful.

i sure love these people.
october 2014


the zoo.

we wanted to do something really fun and memorable with brooks before his baby sister joined our crew.  one good thing about sister sue staying in the womb was that we were able to take him to "free zoo day" at hogle zoo. 

we forgot the camera, but captured some great moments on our handy, dandy phones.
i was worried that it was going to be over crowded but it was absolutely perfect!

brooks absolutely LOVED the animals.  he would squat, point, and laugh every time he saw a new animal.  he loved walking up to the glass and getting as close as he could.   at one point, there was a peacock just walking around the zoo and brooks thought it was hilarious.  he followed it all around and i got the cutest video, but of course it won't upload.

 i'm so happy that we got to go on one last family date with our little man.


i like to read.

books i have read as of late...

matt and i listened to this book on cd as we drove up to oregon this summer.  it is crazy to realize what is going on all around the world and how much these boy soldiers are going through.  it was truly an eye opener for me. 
5 out of 5.

i love this TV show, so i figured the book would be just as good.  it did not disappoint... a fun, easy read.  obviously not exactly the same as the show or movie, but along the same lines.
4 out of 5.

so far, everything i have read by liane moriarty is top notch.  she writes her stories from the perspective of several different characters.  their stories intertwine and connect, and in the end they all wrap up for a grand conclusion.  i like her style and recommend both of these books.
4.5 out of 5 

super interesting to read.  i can't even imagine feeling how she felt.  if you aren't afraid of crazy then you should read it.
4 out of 5.

loved this book.  so interesting to read different parenting styles and how the french do things.  i liked it because it was funny, witty, informative, and entertaining.  not your typical "mom" book...much better!
5 out of 5.

another book matt and i listened to on our many summer roadtrips.  matt only does non fiction books haha.  this one was really good, but kind of long.  i prefer watching the movie :)
3 out of 5.

this book was so intriguing and interesting.  it's a little heavy with swear words and intense subject matter (murders, blood, etc.) but it is quite good.  gillian flynn is a crazy human, but she sure captivates her readers.  i definitely couldn't put this one down until i knew what happened in the end.
5 out of 5.

another one we listened to in the car.  basically the story of a guy who wanted to make a difference and his journey through navy seal training and service.  it was interesting and i learned a lot.
4 out of 5.

i read this one because it is being made into a movie and i like to read books before they become movies.  it was entertaining enough... i will probably see the movie.  definitely not a must read, but if you come across it go ahead and pick it up.
3 out of 5.

i put off reading this book forever.  i just feel weird about the whole elizabeth smart story, but man it was pretty good.  she is an incredible, resilient girl, and i can't believe all she went through and all she was able to overcome.
5 out of 5. 

easy, light read.  good for a day out by the pool. 
3 out of 5.

as always, send some great book suggestions my way!