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last sunday we took some extended family photos with matt's side of the family.  it had been about two years since our last one, because i'm pretty sure i was pregnant with brooks.  anyway, we headed up provo canyon, snapped some pictures, and had a picnic.  
it was quite a lovely sunday.

we are so lucky to have a photographer in the family. seriously, trina is amazing!!
if you need some photos done, check her out.

^the whole clan^

of course, my child had to be the one to cry making other children nervous and causing them to cry as well.  haha i have no idea why brooks was freaking out.

all the grandkids with bapak & gg.

the harris brothers. almost in birth order... move drew (farthest left) to the other side of matt and it's oldest to youngest.


there are a million variations of this picture so i figured i'd spare everyone and just post one.  remi couldn't seem to crack a smile, but i'd say 3 out of 4 isn't bad.

i know i'm biased because brooks is my child, but man he is just so handsome.  he is the most mellow little guy with the funniest personality.  he is really starting to talk a lot and he keeps us laughing daily.  his little chicklet teeth just make me happy and even though he can be a stinker sometimes, he's my best little man.

classic remi face with her expression eyebrows.  this girl is NUTS!  she is far more daring and adventurous than brooks ever was at this age. she climbs up and on anything and everything she can.  she is constantly on the go and pretty much never sits still.  she knows what she wants and she is a feisty little bugger.  she is learning so much everyday and loves to follow brooks around.  we love this little chicitita.

 remi has started walking when she feels the need, but mostly she bear crawls all over the place and she is FAST.  brooks loves to hold her hand and help her walk which usually results in brooks pulling her too fast and both of them falling on the ground.  brooks loves to chase remi and try and sit on her back.  they do this daily and i'm so glad trina caught them in the act.  they are the cutest little buddies.

oh this guy.  it's fine that we look all matchy matchy like engagement photos in the 90's.  it's what we were going for haha.  seriously though, i love this boy.  he gives me all of the feels.

brooks was being exceptionally clingy for the photos and wouldn't let matt put him down, but it made for some pretty sweet moments.  matt and brooks have such a special relationship.  brooks adores his dad. he prefers matt to put him to sleep at night, and it is one of my favorite things to hear them in the bedroom reading books and singing songs when they think i am not listening. they are so sweet together.

and little sissy boo.. she is still such a ham when she wants to be.  she is a mama's girl, that's for sure. she has perfected the fake laugh and often does it to get what she wants.  i truly fear for my future because she is going to give me a run for our money.  she's stubborn like her mama and crazy adventurous like her dad.  remi is basically a little ball of cuteness...

even when she's a grump!

harris family photos
august 2015
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remi jayne: nine months old

i seriously don't know why it's so hard for me to stay on track and update on time.  nine months has come and gone and remi girl is growing like a weed and learning new things every day.

remi jayne at nine months old.

weight: 17 pounds (30th percentile)
height: 29 inches (80th percentile)

at nine months, remi loves:

-all food
-playing outside
-pulling up on anything and everything
-sitting on brooks' push bike
-playing chase with brooks
-her momma
-taking a tub

she hates:

-being in a room alone
-when she doesn't get her way
-when the food doesn't come fast enough
-getting her diaper changed

our little rem dizzle is so hilarious these days.  she is spunky and full of personality.  she already throws fits and tantrums like she's a three year old (heaven help us).  this month, she has started making the funniest scrunch face on command.  she scrunches her nose up, squints her eyes, and then blows out of her nose.  it is the cutest thing and makes everyone laugh.

remi has really taking off with crawling.  she actually bear crawls 80% of the time and she's quite fast.  she has mastered pulling herself up on anything and everything and likes to walk along furniture.  towards the end of the month she has started standing on her own and balancing really well.  she will squat and stand back up and back down again.  i'm thinking that she will probably start walking before she turns one.

she has started giving kisses, clapping, and waving bye-bye.  she can say dada, eye, and baba.  she likes to imitate sounds and she can be one loud little lady.  she loves, loves, loves to eat anything that we are eating and she especially loves to sit in the high chair and eat food by herself.  there has yet to be something that she doesn't like.

at nine months, remi is wearing size 3 diapers and clothes ranging from 3-12 months.  her hair is starting to come in and i think she is going to be a blondie like her brother.  i have tried really hard this month to get her to take only two naps and it's going okay.  she generally naps a total of 2.5-3 hours total a day and then she sleeps about 11 hours at night.  

she is such a fun, happy baby.  she smiles at anyone and everyone and she loves attention.  i can't believe that she's going to be one in a few short months.
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