how we wore it || fall transition

today i am participating in my first ever "how we wore it" series hosted by brooke.  i am in no way a fashion blogger and this was quite comical to attempt with my children running in and out of every frame, but it was fun to do something different and out of my comfort zone.

basically how it works is brooke chooses an inspiration outfit from various fashion bloggers and those participating put their own spin on the outfit.  i love seeing how different people pull from colors, style, texture, patterns, etc. to create their own look.

today's outfit inspiration was Emily via Life with Emily

i loved how she paired a bright top with simple neutral accessories.  it looks so effortless, yet put together.  as soon as i saw this picture i knew that i was going to wear my top in a similar shade.  i decided to pair it with a midi skirt rather than jeans because although fall is technically here, it is still quite hot around these parts and a skirt is much cooler.  i followed emily's suit and added neutral shoes and a purse and then finished off with a long, gold necklace. 

what i learned from doing this fashion collab is that i'm an awkward human and need to work on my posing haha i give major props to fashion bloggers because it is not easy.

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remi jayne: ten months old

in august, my sweet babes turned ten months old.

weight: 18-19 pounds
height: 30 inches

at ten months, remi loves:

-drinking out of cups and straws
-playing outside
-walking with push toys
-taking showers
-silky blankets
-her binky

 she hates:

-not getting her way
-missing out
-getting in her carseat
-baby food

 this sassy little thing is all over the place.  she started walking on and off at ten months.  for the longest time, she would only take steps at home and then bear crawl everywhere else. she has really taken off now and is walking all over the place.

she loves to climb on anything and everything.  one day we were playing in my parents backyard and they have a huge metal slide.  brooks was learning to climb up by himself and the next thing you know, remi is right behind him and climb all the way to the top by herself.  she is a determined little thing.

^^her screaming face on the left^^

she is really into screaming lately because she thinks it is funny.  if any of you have heard her before, then you know she is LOUD and quite high pitched.  it's funny for a minute, but gets old real fast.

she is starting to copy sounds and words a lot lately, especially brooks.  they like to go back and forth making weird sounds at each other.  she says mama, dadda, bro bro (brooks), honey, papa, peppa, ball, baby, baba, and a few other things.

she FINALLY got another tooth.  she has one on top and two on the bottom.  surprisingly she eats human food really well for how little teeth she has.  in fact, she is starting to refuse baby food out of the jars (she still loves the pouches) because she just wants to eat what we are eating.

remi is wearing mostly 6-12 months these days and size 3 diapers.  she is getting a lot taller these days as she has grown out of all her legging and pants length wise.  makes it really fun to find things that fit because her waist is so little.

she is sleeping and napping really good these days which makes my momma heart so happy.  she even puts herself to sleep which is something brooks still isn't able to do.  she is still in her pack n play but we are moving her into a crib shortly and i'm hoping that doesn't mess up her good sleeping patterns.

we love this sweet baby girl so much. 
happy ten months rem rem.

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{london bridges clothing}

last month remi and i got to be part of a clothing photo shoot for a company called 
London Bridges Clothing.

They have the cutest mommy and me matching dresses with so many fun prints and patterns to choose from. i love the combinations they have come up with, because some of the prints and colors i never would have thought of putting together.   the best part is that the dresses are modest and cute.

at the beginning, remi was asleep and had to be woken up so she wasn't quite sure what to think, but by the end she was being a big old ham.



remi's headbands // baby bling bows

we had so much fun and will definitely be getting more dresses for remi as she grows.  they have so many styles and patterns to choose from, there is something for all!

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{harris family}

last sunday we took some extended family photos with matt's side of the family.  it had been about two years since our last one, because i'm pretty sure i was pregnant with brooks.  anyway, we headed up provo canyon, snapped some pictures, and had a picnic.  
it was quite a lovely sunday.

we are so lucky to have a photographer in the family. seriously, trina is amazing!!
if you need some photos done, check her out.

^the whole clan^

of course, my child had to be the one to cry making other children nervous and causing them to cry as well.  haha i have no idea why brooks was freaking out.

all the grandkids with bapak & gg.

the harris brothers. almost in birth order... move drew (farthest left) to the other side of matt and it's oldest to youngest.


there are a million variations of this picture so i figured i'd spare everyone and just post one.  remi couldn't seem to crack a smile, but i'd say 3 out of 4 isn't bad.

i know i'm biased because brooks is my child, but man he is just so handsome.  he is the most mellow little guy with the funniest personality.  he is really starting to talk a lot and he keeps us laughing daily.  his little chicklet teeth just make me happy and even though he can be a stinker sometimes, he's my best little man.

classic remi face with her expression eyebrows.  this girl is NUTS!  she is far more daring and adventurous than brooks ever was at this age. she climbs up and on anything and everything she can.  she is constantly on the go and pretty much never sits still.  she knows what she wants and she is a feisty little bugger.  she is learning so much everyday and loves to follow brooks around.  we love this little chicitita.

 remi has started walking when she feels the need, but mostly she bear crawls all over the place and she is FAST.  brooks loves to hold her hand and help her walk which usually results in brooks pulling her too fast and both of them falling on the ground.  brooks loves to chase remi and try and sit on her back.  they do this daily and i'm so glad trina caught them in the act.  they are the cutest little buddies.

oh this guy.  it's fine that we look all matchy matchy like engagement photos in the 90's.  it's what we were going for haha.  seriously though, i love this boy.  he gives me all of the feels.

brooks was being exceptionally clingy for the photos and wouldn't let matt put him down, but it made for some pretty sweet moments.  matt and brooks have such a special relationship.  brooks adores his dad. he prefers matt to put him to sleep at night, and it is one of my favorite things to hear them in the bedroom reading books and singing songs when they think i am not listening. they are so sweet together.

and little sissy boo.. she is still such a ham when she wants to be.  she is a mama's girl, that's for sure. she has perfected the fake laugh and often does it to get what she wants.  i truly fear for my future because she is going to give me a run for our money.  she's stubborn like her mama and crazy adventurous like her dad.  remi is basically a little ball of cuteness...

even when she's a grump!

harris family photos
august 2015
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