{favorite things party}

i feel like i am constantly playing blog catch up.
there are so many things that happen that i don't want to be forgotten.

one of those things was a "favorite things" party that i hosted for a girls night out.  

invitations: tiny prints

i loved these invitations i found on tiny prints with the gold detail and matching gold envelopes.  it was the perfect touch for the vibe i was going for.  i had so much fun addressing the envelopes in fancy lettering and decorating them with washi tape.

i had some better pictures of the party and the envelope detail, but over here at the harris household we've had a pretty unfortunate series of events when it comes to computers and have lost our fair share of pictures.. boo! (insert thumbs down emoji here)

enter the not so great cell phone pictures...

if you've never attended a favorites party before, you are missing out.  basically how it works is each person brings three of their favorite object that is $5 or under.  each person writes their name on a slip of paper three different times.  once everyone has their name in the bowl, each attendee picks three slips of paper.

let's say the names on my three papers said jenn, rachel, & amber  i would then show everyone what the item i brought was and why it is my favorite and give one item to the three ladies mentioned above.  you go around the circle until everyone has shared their favorite item and each person has three new items.

the idea is you leave the party with three new "favorites" to try.

happy home pillow: tiny prints

since drink shops are all the rage right now and i find myself there more often than i'd like to admit. i figured this would be the perfect venue for our party.  we had it at THE SLURP.  it was perfect because everyone was able to get their own drink and cookie to munch on while we hung out.  

i kept the decorations pretty simple using some center piece items from a friends wedding (thanks treg), and adding some pillows from home to the couches to make it feel more "homey."  it was simple, but cute.

it was such a fun night.  i'm convinced that every girl needs a girls night away from husbands, kids, boyfriends, family etc. AT LEAST once a month.

and just in case you are curious, i brought NYX butter lip gloss in Tiramisu as my favorite item.
i left the party with 
-a $5 gift card to maverick for a beverage or two
-THIS beach wave texture spray
-THIS fingernail polish... which is scented when it dries.

good times, good times.
i can't wait to host my next GNO party.


throwback thursday : california love

back in march, we ditched the cold utah weather and headed to the california sun (without our daddy) to visit my sister and her family.  we found a screaming deal on flights and since my mom was coming along as well, we figured we better take advantage, even if that meant flying with two babies.

the flight was relatively uneventful, (thankfully).  both babies ate some food and slept almost the whole flight.  i was nervous that their ears would bother them, but both seemed fine.  walking through the airport with two babies, a stroller, five bags, some purses, and two car seats, we looked like the freaking circus.  it was quite comical, and extremely horrible all at the same time.  somehow, we managed.

we landed in LA and then my sister picked us up and we drove to her home.  the next week was quite eventful.  we did all the good things... shopping, eating food, ice cream, desserts, beverage runs, catching up on shows, watching movies, going to the park, swimming, hot springs, and hanging around the house. 

i whipped out my camera for a few events so here we go..

we went to this really fun, new park that had an area geared towards the younger folk which was nice because brooks could do things himself.  he is also SO OBSESSED with his "honey"... my mom.  like, i'm pretty sure he would choose her over me anytime.

little hollis.

apparently that's all the pictures i took of the park, but the kids had fun playing with
balls, riding bikes, scooters, etc. and running around.

we went to target multiple times and scored big multiple times.  remi girl sat in a cart for the first time and killed it with cuteness.  she also became EXTREMELY attached to me during this trip.  literally would not let anyone else hold her and would not let me put her down.  it was suuuuper fun.

at least she's dressed cute.. haha

another day, we drove up the canyon to some natural hot springs and spent the afternoon swimming in the pool and lounging in the hot tubs.

 brooks came home with a nice little bronze to his skin.  lucky for him, he inherited my good skin genes.  we always love our time in california with our family.  i managed to only document half the people and half the events, but that's because we just had too good of a time.

until we meet again, california.


remi jayne: six months old

i can't believe this little lady is already a half of a year old.

remi jayne at six months old.

weight: 14 pounds 7 ounces (19%)
height: 27 inches (40%)

now that we've started on solid foods and suplementing with formula, remi girl is chunking right up.  she has the best beef on her thighs and she is quite ticklish.  it makes for a good combo.

at six months, remi loves:

-putting her binky in by herself.
-playing with brooks
-real human food
-teething crackers
-her momma
-drinking out of her brothers sippy
-going on walks
-scooting around the floor
-swimming/taking baths
-chewing on everything

remi hates:

-when her momma is out of sight
-going in her carseat
-when something gets taken away that she is chewing
-50/50 with getting her diaper changed

she is a pretty happy baby most of the time.  she loves attention from anyone who will give it to her.  she is all smiles all the time if she's looking at you, but if you try and hold her and she sees her momma she will most likely fuss.  she is going through a major stage 5 clinger phase.  if i'm not in the room or in sight then she usually does pretty good.

at six months, she sits up like a pro.  she likes to sit on the ground in brooks' room and play with toys.  brooks is so cute and always hands her things,  if she has a toy that he wants then brooks will get another toy and trade her, she doesn't seem to mind...yet.

she has started scooting around backwards.  she can make her way across the room but she can't yet really control where she goes.  she pushes up lifting her chest off the ground quite often and tries to get up on her knees.  brooks never crawled so if remi starts to do so, that will be a new experience for us.

little lady loo has been teething this month and her two bottom little teethies are FINALLY breaking through.  she has been a bit fussy this past week and has a runny nose from teething but nothing too bad.  i'm gonna miss her gummy little grandma grin.

we went on a quick trip to st. george this month and remi had her first outdoor swimming experience, which she loved.  stick her in a floaty, give her something to chew on, and she's found her happy place. this makes my sun loving self quite happy.

we have just moved her up to size 3 diapers because now that she eats real human food she has some intense poo blowouts.  she is still wearing clothes 0-6 months, but i have put a few of her 0-3 month close away {tear}.  she takes about three naps a day and sleeps about 11-12 hours at night.  we still haven't moved her into brooks' room yet... i keep saying "tonight is the night" and then it doesn't happen.  one day... one day.

oh little girl, we could not love you more!


brooks hayden : 22 months

it's been awhile since i've done an update on brooksy boy.  

weight: 29 pounds
height: 36 inches
diapers: size 5
shoes: size 6
clothes: 18M-3T, depending on brand

at 22 months, brooks loves:

-throwing rocks
-basically anything outdoors
-watching shows on the phone or ipad (especially YouTube Kids)
-taking baths
-holding, tackling, kissing, and trying to lift remi
-driving cars
-baby dolls
-holding our hands when he's tired in a very specific way
-granola bars, string cheese, mandarin oranges, veggie pancakes
-playing with his tool set and "fixing" everything
-making messes
-accessories and dressing up

he hates:
-coming inside
-when he realizes we are turning onto our street
-when we try and sneak out of nursery
-not getting his way
-car washes

there was a period there for awhile where every morning brooks would bring me random articles of clothing and accessories from various places in the house and want all of them on him.  this outfit above was one of my favorites.  he has a shoe obsession and is constantly playing in my closet trying all of them on.  he is very particular about which shoes he wears and somehow always wants the ones that don't match his outfit.  he is OBSESSED with his rain boots and has mastered putting them on by himself.

he is a pretty good sport when it comes to shopping.  i drag him all over town with me and as long as he gets to run around free every once in awhile he usually does pretty good.  he always wants to hold toys he sees or try on all of the accessories, especially sunglasses.  he is getting to the age that he remembers certain stores.  whenever we go to JC Penny's with my mom he knows exactly where his favorite pair of women's nude pumps are, and also where the disney toys and helicopters are located.  he recently discovered the escalators and we may or may not have ridden up and down seven times on our last shopping adventure.

almost every monday we meet some friends at SLURP for beverages and cookies.  he has become quite friendly with this little dog decoration.  he pulls it to wherever we are sitting and then gets on for a ride.  he also like to run around from room to room with his little friend anabelle chasing each other and screaming.  i'm sure everyone there loves us.

 his love of the outdoors is both a blessing and a curse.  he recently learned how to open doors and so nine out of ten times if it's quiet while i'm doing something in another room, brooks has made his great escape.  our next door neighbors have eight kids which means they have tons of fun toys and gadgets.  any chance he gets he makes a B line over to their backyard to swing.  if no one is there to get him on the swing and push him, then he makes his way up the grassy hill and finds any bike, motorcycle, object with wheels to ride on.  he has perfected the art of running away as fast as he can if he sees matt or i because he knows that he has to come inside or get in the car.  it's both funny and not funny.  he's a nugget.

he has become very brave in the water lately.  we go swimming indoors a few times a month and he is becoming quite the little fish.  he likes to put his hands on the bottom of the pool and kick his legs out so they float to the top of the water.  he puts his face in the water and blows bubbles, and he will also let matt dunk him.  he LOVES to go down the big slides and jump of the sides.  i'm hoping to put him in swim lessons this summer.

i have made several family photo books that sit on our coffee table.  brooks loves them because they are pictures of our family and friends that he recognizes.  we have read them hundreds of times i'm sure.  two books in particular are about brooks and remi's birth stories.  he usually favors these ones and so one day i decided to show him his birth video.  he got about one minute into the video and it was just too much for him to handle.  he got very stressed and nervous when he saw my push face and he just broke down into the saddest little tears.  i, of course, died of laughter and took the above picture, but then shut it off.  poor thing was traumatized.
a few weeks later, he was playing on my phone looking at pictures and videos.  remi's birth video is saved to my phone and he started playing it.  i sat back to watch his expressions wondering if the same thing would happen.  this time he got to the part where it shows remi for the first time and he just lost it.  started sobbing and wanted to be comforted. hahaha he now skips over that video when he plays with my phone.

brooks is slowly starting to say more and more words each day.  he is quite stubborn when it comes to performing for other people, but if you catch him at the right time you can get him to talk.  the other day i was counting and i got to seven and out of nowhere he said, "eight, nine."  i had no idea he even knew his numbers.  
he associates certain letters with certain people:
A - avery
B - brooks
D - dad
H - honey
M - mom
N - nate
R - remi
T - treg
W - he confuses this for mom

we have some foam tub letters, magnet letters, and a letter puzzle.  he will pick all of these letters out first and give them to the person they belong to.
shapes he knows include : circle, star, heart, rectangle, triangle, oval, diamond, square


 he still hates nursery and refuses to let us leave.  i think the longest he has lasted alone before having a meltdown is six minutes.  as long as we are there he is fine.  sometimes he won't leave our side and other times he will venture off and do his own thing but look over constantly to make sure we are still there.  everyone keeps saying that he will flip a switch one day and not need us there, but i have yet to see that happen.

i mentioned earlier that he recognizes stores when we pull into the parking lot.  i think walmart has become his favorite because they have these stupid sesame street rides that he is OBSESSED with.  the walmart near our house has two of them in two different places.  if i'm lucky i can get away with only having to let him ride on one of the two, but usually he ends up at least sitting on both of them.  it's kind of cute though because he gets so excited when i hand him the quarters as we walk into the store.  i tell him to hold his money and when we are done shopping he can ride.  he is so patient and usually holds pretty tight to his "moneys."

brooks is such a sweet, tender hearted little thing.  he is both a mommy and a daddy's boy depending on the day.  he is still so cuddly and loves to be snuggled tight.  i hope that never stops.

we love you blue eyed brooksy boy.