{favorites thing giveaway}

today i have an exciting giveaway going on.  i have teamed up with several other bloggers to giveaway some of our favorite products.

i will be giving away

-$10 target gift card
(because duh!)
-two wet n' wild megalast lipsticks
(in the shades cherry bomb & mochalicious)

-one box of trader joe's candy can jo-jos

enter below using the rafflecopter below and then head over to these lovely ladies blogs and check out their favorites for a chance to win more prizes!!

the giveaway will close Friday night at midnight and winner will be announced and contacted on Saturday, November 28th.

good luck my loves.

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family pictures || fall 2015

i know i just recently posted some family pictures with our extended family, but as i thought about christmas cards, i wanted to do something a little different.

i wasn't going to have them done, but on a whim i text my sister in law to see if she had any time available to snap a few and it just worked out that we could do it that very next day.
(cue me running around like a crazy person trying to coordinate outfits on the same day my wallet was stolen... yikes!)

why are family pictures the most stressful thing ever?!?!  of course, remi didn't nap before, then we managed to lose her headband on the car ride to the location, so we all spent 30 minutes running around provo looking for ANYTHING that could work as a headband, and by the time we started taking pictures, remi was done.  and i mean DONE!  she threw probably her biggest fit to date.
of course, i felt like it was just a big, fat, hot mess but trina managed to capture some diamonds in the
big old patch of rough

the kids were pretty much stone cold in family pictures, but at least they are both looking.  looking through all the photos made me realize how much brooks and remi look alike.  in some of the pictures they are making the exact same face with the same expression.

 brooks was an absolute gem.  bribed with a sucker and he whipped out all the smiles.  let's talk about how he looks like he's FIVE!  i think it might be the shaved head?  also, yeah..we shaved his head and although it's not my favorite and i prefer him with hair, he is still a little cutie.

little miss sassy pants couldn't be bothered for pictures because the sucker was just too good.

classic hand on the hip.  i don't know why i do it?! seriously though, it's just a habit.  in almost every picture.

all the smiles :)

side note: way back when, when they announced that this temple was going to be a thing, matt was on his mission.  he was to get home in a year or so and i had my mind set that we were going to be one of the first couples to get married in the provo city center temple.  HA! four years and two kids later, it's still not done... so obviously that didn't work out.

also, don't ask why i'm all chatty cathy right now.  i just feel the need to express all of the things.
and kuddos to you for finishing.

book trina, she's great 

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october favorites

october is flying by and it's finally starting to feel like fall around these parts.
i thought it would be fun to share some of my fashion/beauty favorites from the month of October.

1// BH cosmetics Carli Bybel Pallet ($12.50 on sale)

I have had so much fun playing around with these shades this month.  This pallet includes ten super pigmented and easy to blend eye shadows, as well as four highlights.  There are a few matte shades as well as many shimmer shades to create the perfect fall makeup look.
2//MAC lipstick in Living Legend ($17.00)

This is the perfect vampy lipstick.  I love it because it's matte and it stays longer than regular lipsticks.  Because it is so dark I often like to pair it with a lighter gloss and create my own lip cocktails.
3//Wet n' Wild lipstick in Cherry Bomb ($1.99)

I'm all about the dark lips this month.  This one is the perfect dark berry toned lipstick.
4//Trader Joe's Pumpkin Body Butter ($4.50 in store)
This stuff smells heavenly!  Both Matt and I love it.  Not only is it pleasant to the nose, but it's also super moisturizing which makes my dry skin happy.
5//Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso ($8.49)

This peachy pink blush looks good on just about every skin tone.  Because I have been wearing so many darker shades on my eyes and lips lately, I've been using a lighter more peachy blush and this has been my go to.
6//GAP Factory boyfriend style flannel ($39.99 on sale)

Seriously could wear this every day.  It is long enough to cover the butt and wear with leggings, it's the perfect amount of baggy and fitted, and it looks cute tied around the waist.  win, win, win
it also comes in a few different color combos
7//Faded Glory brown booties ($17.48 on sale)

My sister and I found these booties at Walmart of all places, but I have been loving them.  They are comfy enough to wear all day and look so cute with cuffed jeans or skirts.
8//Cotton On knee detail leggings ($14.96)

I got these for my birthday in September and I pretty much have to stop myself from wearing them everyday.  I most definitely wear them bi-weekly.  They are so comfy and give a little extra something with the knee detail.  They have several colors and I need to buy more.
I'm excited to share more of my favorites each month.
What products have you been loving this month?!  Share with me below in the comments and I will definitely check them out.
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remi jayne: one year old

my little baby is a one year old!!
it is so crazy how much she is learning and growing each day.  it seems like in the last month she is a whole new child,  she is a little sponge and picks everything up.

remi jayne at one year old:

weight: 19 pounds 10 ounces (40%)
height: 29 inches (90%)
head: 19 inches (98%)

at one year old, remi girl loves:

-her "ginky" (binky)
-silky blanket
-drinking out of straws
-playing outside
-taking showers or baths (if she hears the water turn on she will drop everything and bolt)
-crawling up the stairs and then sliding down on her belly
-chasing brooks
-playing peek-a-boo
-peek-a-boo barn
-shredding toilet paper and throwing it in the toilet
-watching me do my makeup and copying me

she hates:

-getting in her carseat
- getting her nose wiped or face washed
-changing her clothes and diaper
-when people look at her the wrong way
-when she doesn't get her way

this little lady has started talking up a storm.  she is a little parrot and will pretty much repeat anything you tell her to,  some of her favorite words/phrases include:
-dada, mama, bro bro, baba, ginky, blankie
-i love you
-i got it
-i did it
-cute baby
-let's go
-get out
-up and off
and more

she is so cute and friendly to people most of the time, but i kid you not if you look at her the wrong way she will let you have it.  she is also perfecting her tantrums which is really fun.  basically if she gets her way then she is a happy camper.
she loves to follow me around the house and "help" with whatever i am doing.  she loves to empty things out and then put them back which is actually quite nice, because when it's time to clean up toys she will actually do it.

she has been teething for months and months and months, and is finally getting the teeth to show for it.  she's got three teeth on top and three teeth on bottom, with four more making their way through,  her big cheesy grin is the best because some of her teeth are much bigger than the others and it looks like she has snaggle teeth.

remi girl is finally out of our room and sharing a room with brooks.  i was so worried about them waking each other up, but honestly it hasn't been a problem and the transition went smooth for both of them.  remi is sleeping 11-12 hours a night, with 2 naps during the day which range from 1.5 - 3 hours each.

she is in size 3 diapers, and wearing clothes anywhere from 6-12 to 12-18 month clothes.

we love our baby girl so much.  she definitely brings so much joy into our family with her bright eyes and huge smile.  her sassy, goofy personality just fills our house with light.  i'm so thankful that i was trusted with this sweet spirit and that she has been blessed into our lives.
i can't imagine our family with out her.

happy birthday sweet baby girl,
we love you!

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