i like to read.

books i have read as of late...

matt and i listened to this book on cd as we drove up to oregon this summer.  it is crazy to realize what is going on all around the world and how much these boy soldiers are going through.  it was truly an eye opener for me. 
5 out of 5.

i love this TV show, so i figured the book would be just as good.  it did not disappoint... a fun, easy read.  obviously not exactly the same as the show or movie, but along the same lines.
4 out of 5.

so far, everything i have read by liane moriarty is top notch.  she writes her stories from the perspective of several different characters.  their stories intertwine and connect, and in the end they all wrap up for a grand conclusion.  i like her style and recommend both of these books.
4.5 out of 5 

super interesting to read.  i can't even imagine feeling how she felt.  if you aren't afraid of crazy then you should read it.
4 out of 5.

loved this book.  so interesting to read different parenting styles and how the french do things.  i liked it because it was funny, witty, informative, and entertaining.  not your typical "mom" book...much better!
5 out of 5.

another book matt and i listened to on our many summer roadtrips.  matt only does non fiction books haha.  this one was really good, but kind of long.  i prefer watching the movie :)
3 out of 5.

this book was so intriguing and interesting.  it's a little heavy with swear words and intense subject matter (murders, blood, etc.) but it is quite good.  gillian flynn is a crazy human, but she sure captivates her readers.  i definitely couldn't put this one down until i knew what happened in the end.
5 out of 5.

another one we listened to in the car.  basically the story of a guy who wanted to make a difference and his journey through navy seal training and service.  it was interesting and i learned a lot.
4 out of 5.

i read this one because it is being made into a movie and i like to read books before they become movies.  it was entertaining enough... i will probably see the movie.  definitely not a must read, but if you come across it go ahead and pick it up.
3 out of 5.

i put off reading this book forever.  i just feel weird about the whole elizabeth smart story, but man it was pretty good.  she is an incredible, resilient girl, and i can't believe all she went through and all she was able to overcome.
5 out of 5. 

easy, light read.  good for a day out by the pool. 
3 out of 5.

as always, send some great book suggestions my way!


lake powell 2014.

for the past 19 years i have gone to lake powell at least once every summer.
this summer however, we were not able to go with my family and i was deeply saddened.  luckily, matt's mission buddy tyler invited us on a trip towards the end of august and my lake powell streak is still going strong.

i was kind of nervous bringing brooks along not only because he was the only kid, but also being 35 weeks pregnant myself.  but it was a lovely time.

there were 11 people total and it was so much fun.  we all rode down together in a luxury RV.  it was perfect because we were all able to get to know each other and hang out on the way down.

we spent the next four days swimming, boating, wake surfing, wake boarding, knee boarding, tubing, playing on wave runners, eating like kings (we basically had a gourmet chef on board), and relaxing times ten.

if you have never been to lake powell i highly suggest it.  it's my favorite place on earth, next to disneyland.

brooks took his first tube ride.  he was pretty indifferent as his face shows.

also, matt and i celebrated our 2nd anniversary while we were in lake powell.  we also celebrated our 1st anniversary in lake powell, so apparently it's becoming tradition.  anyway, we had taken a similar kissy picture so we were recreating but matt had brooks in his arms.  rather than put brooks down, i told matt to just lower him so he was out of the shot.
we kissed, snapped the picture, and ended up with the best photo bomb of all time.
this picture is priceless :)

it pretty much sums up our little family.

until we meet again, beautiful lake powell.


my {not so} baby

tonight as i rocked and sang brooks to sleep, i couldn't help but get a little emotional thinking that this could be the last night that he is my baby.

for 15 1/2 months he's been my little side kick, my shopping buddy, basically my best little friend.  my heart feels a little sad for him knowing that any day now (wishing it was like, ya know, 5 days ago) his world is going to be completely rocked.

he's so good and soft with babies, in fact, he loves them, but i do worry about the shared attention and the fact that baby girl is here to stay.  
i'm excited to see him interact with her and learn how to incorporate her into our little club and daily routines and activities.

a few little things about brooks at {15.5 months} that i always want to remember...

his love of outdoors and trucks/cars.

last saturday, while brooks was napping i put up all of our halloween decorations.  when he woke up he was so excited and kept pointing to everything.  he then found this mummy and they became instant best friends.  he carries it around daily, snuggles with it, tackles it, and in the picture he is waving at his new friend.  he's such a funny boy.

he's looking like such a big boy and i love how cute he is in his little vest.

i bought him a backpack the other week and he is obsessed!  we have given up his diaper bag and he now is in charge of carrying his own diapers, wipes, snacks, and toys.  it makes him so proud and he looks stinking cute walking around with his backpack.

he loves taking selfies and often holds the phone up pretending to take one himself.

oh, how i love this sweet little boy.
he has been so cuddly lately and gives the best loves.
he knows that his baby sister is in my belly and he's already showering her with hugs and kisses.  he loves to lift up my shirt and pat my belly or poke my belly button.  

brooks hayden, you will always be my little baby boy.
i love you so much and i am excited to see you grow into a boy and a big brother.
you are so special to your daddy and me, never forget that.

xoxo, your momma


maternity photos pt. 2 + brooks at 15 months.

brooks jumped in some of my maternity pictures and was being the biggest ham.  this kid is not camera shy, and it made for some pretty sweet moments.  oh, i just love him.

brooks at 15 months
weight: 23 pounds 5 ounces (62%)
height: 33 inches (96%)
head circum: 19.25 inches (94%)

he loves:

-stuffed animals
-keys and driving dad's car
-playing outside
-throwing anything and everything away
-dancing to music
-fake laughing when other people are laughing
-getting chased/chasing people
-poking my belly button
-taking tubbys and dumping cups of water on himself

he dislikes:

-being alone
-when he doesn't get his way
-leaving his honey's house (grandma)
-most food as of late
-animals that get too close for comfort, he likes to admire from afar

at 15 months, brooks is quite the little handful.  he is into EVERYTHING.  he loves to open all the cupboards and take things out.  sometimes he will put them back.  he loves to hide things in drawers and his special hiding spot is the crock pot.  he routinely will walk into the bathroom and pull down all of the towels and unravel some toilet paper.
he LOVES to help out by throwing things in the garbage like diapers and trash and he gets the proudest smile on his face after he does it.  a few times a day i have to check the trash for other non trash items he may have "helped" to throw away... remotes, keys, clothes, food from the pantry etc.

he babbles a lot and can say typical words like mama, dada, hot, ball, shoes, zeus (his puppy), no, yeah, etc. but he is pretty stubborn when it comes to talking.  he will often repeat a word once or twice and then will not say it again.
he can sign all done, please, more, and thank you.
he understands so much, but chooses to communicate in grunting, pointing, and whining which can be quite annoying.

he has always been a cuddle bug, but lately he is so lovey and i can't get enough.  he is quite attached to his mommy and daddy and i can't help but think he knows his world is about to be rocked.  he constantly comes over to matt or i and lays his head on us and says, "awww." or lays a big wet kiss.  he loves to put his hands around our necks and nuzzle his little face into our shoulders.
he seriously is the sweetest little nugget. 

he is quite friendly and loves to wave to people at the store.  he is quite a flirt with the ladies and will bat his pearly blue eyes.
he LOVES to watch kids play, especially our neighbor kids and his cousins.  
he is quite the little turkey, but we love him to death.  he has made the last 15 months so fun and full of joy and happiness.  even when i want to sell him on ebay, he has the ability to melt my heart or make me laugh.

my baby is about to become a little boy.