{brooks hayden : 3 year old interview}

starting at three, i have decided to do a yearly interview asking my kids their favorite things.  brooks is such a funny kid with the best imagination. he was being a goof in this video, but that's pretty much how he is on the daily.
we love our not so little guy!

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mommy style monday: girls day out

hello friends!
i am here with a very late mommy style monday.  the last few days have kicked my butt and i've been running around like a crazy person, but better late than never right?!

this mommy style monday hosted by kiana and madeline is all about girls days.
let me just tell you, i am ALL about having a kids free girls day or night or whatever it may be.  i think all momma's deserve some girl time away from husbands and kids and i definitely think it is good for the soul :)

my friends and i try and do a girls night at least once a month whether it be shopping, going out to eat, to a movie, grabbing a treat, talking for hours, anything really.  there is nothing better than chatting away with your girlfriends... even if we end up talking about our kids 50% of the time. haha 

my most recent girls night was alison's shell yes party and can i just say that it was FIN-TASTIC.
i'm not even kidding you guys, if you ever have the chance to go...DO IT.  it is well worth the money.

even at 32 weeks preggo, it was as enjoyable as can be.  there is nothing better than a giant mormon mom dance party.

i was also lucky enough to have a lot of time sans kids with my mom this weekend.  we are in the process of redecorating our living room and bedroom and after taking the kids one day with us, we realized it would be much more successful and efficient if we left the kids at home.  it was so fun to spend one on one time with my mom and talk about decorating ideas.

seeing how it's the dead of summer and i'm hugely pregnant (6 more weeks people!!!) i pretty much live in dresses and skirts.  i tried to wear pants the other day and i literally almost cried because i felt suffocated hahaha pregnant hormones.  at this point in life i'm all about comfort and ease and if it happens to look cute and stylish, that's just an added bonus.
also, this cute mama bear shirt is from an instagram shop @posey_and_pence
they have the cutest clothes for the BEST price. check it out and you won't regret it... although your husband might.

here is some of what we accomplished. (crappy cell phone pictures, i apologize)  we got all new pillows, a bright new rug, changed the black bookshelf for a white one to brighten it up, and de-cluttered piles of junk in corners.  i wish i had before pictures because it looks so much better.  we live in a basement apartment and this little makeover has brightened it up a lot.  we are on the hunt for the perfect curtains.  
my bedroom is still a work in progress, but when it's done i will share quality pictures.

most of my girls days consist of play dates with mama friends and our kids.  i'm all for these as well.  anything that gets us out of the house and gives me real human interaction is fine by me.  these days all of our play dates pretty much consist of water activities.  our latest outing was to the manila pond in pleasant grove and it was so much fun.

this is probably the most random post of life, but my point is girl time is important.  whether it be by yourself, with friends, with your mom, your children, etc.  it really makes a difference in life to have that interaction and break from all the daily responsibilities. 

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mommy style monday: what i wish i knew

i've been a mother for three years and counting and there are so many things i still don't know.  each day as my kids grow older i am thrown a curve ball and constantly learning and changing.  motherhood is quite the adventure.  

today i'm linking up with kiana & madeline to share some things i wish i knew about being a mom.

1// of course, i knew how my sweet little babes would enter the world, but i did not know about the whole recovery process.  the giant pads, ice packs, tucks, numbing spray, and those awesome mesh undies... i had no idea.  i quickly learned that they were life savers and how much i would appreciate them. haha lucky for me, both of my recoveries were quick and relatively easy.

2// everyone has an opinion and they all want to share it with you.
this is not a bad thing at all, but it can become extremely overwhelming.  people tend to think they know best and i wish i would've known sooner that what works for one momma/baby may not work for me.  i have learned to trust my momma instincts, ask for help or advice when i need it, and in the end do what i think is best for my kids.  i once heard a saying regarding motherhood, "good for you, not for me."  and i like that.

3// not all children are the same.  i know that sounds obvious, but after having my second i quickly learned that she had a much different personality than my first.  brooks liked to be swaddled and held, remi preferred to sleep sprawled out and slept better on her own.  brooks was obsessed with nursing, and wouldn't take bottles or binkies, while remi was (and still is) binky obsessed and preferred bottles to nursing. i spent so much time in the beginning trying to do the same things i did that worked for brooks, with remi only to end up frustrated because they didn't always make her happy.  once i realized that i didn't have cookie cutter babies, my life became a whole lot easier.

4// it's okay and quite necessary to take breaks from your kiddos.  it's good for you and it's good for them.  i used to feel so guilty leaving my kids, especially when they were newborns or infants.  i would spend my time away worrying and stressing and not fully enjoying my time away.  i'll be honest, now that they are older (3 and 1 1/2)  i quite enjoy running to the store alone, girls nights, or having a date with my husband sans kids. haha in fact, it's essential for my well being.  i wish i would have realized sooner that it's okay to leave your kids and have a break.  in the end, you just miss, love, and appreciate them more so it's a win/win really.

5// sometimes you can't do it all, and that's okay.  there are times when i really rock at the whole mother/wife combo.  my house is clean, dinner is cooked, my kids didn't watch more tv than they should, we played outside together, did something educational, blah, blah, blah... Then there are times that i feel like i'm drowning in mom/wife duties.  the dishes are piled high, i've washed the same load of laundry 3 times because i keep forgetting to put it in the dryer, my house is a mess, my kids look homeless, they haven't eaten anything decent, and i've looked at my phone way too much.  i used to feel like i had to have it all together, all of the time.  now i know, that it's not always realistic.  it's okay if my house is a mess, because it means that we've played hard.  it's okay if we eat cereal for dinner, because my kids love cereal and it makes them happy.

the last thing i wish i would have known from the very beginning is that i am not a perfect mother, and neither is the mother next to me, or the mother next to her.  as a mom, you will be judged, and you will probably judge others, but in the end, we are all trying to do what's best for our babies.  i feel like with social media these days it is so easy to get caught up in looking like you have it all together and feeling guilty or jealous or like a failure if you don't.  i wish that all mothers knew that they are rockstars and that we could all cheer each other on all the time, because let's face it.  it is not always easy, and it is not always fun, but it is always worth it.
it makes my heart happy.

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june favorites

it's been awhile since i've shared some of my favorite beauty and fashion products on the old blog, so i thought i'd round up some of my most used products this month.

1//goat milk soap (3 for $10)
this is actually a pretty recent find, but everyone in our house loves it.  we picked up some goat milk soap at the local farmer's market in provo to help with brooks' extremely dry skin.  the charcoal is really good for bringing out the impurities in your skin.  the cherry almond smells like a dream and the soap is so good for sensitive skin.
i looked for a website but the seller doesn't have one

so, this is of course for men, but it is actually pretty awesome to use as a moisturizer or to prime your skin before foundation.  it doesn't irritate my skin at all and it helps my makeup last ALL DAY, even when i sweat my face off.
available at any drug store

first of all, this is so incredibly affordable for the pigment and lasting power this blush holds.  it is the perfect everyday summer blush to give you that beautiful rosy glow.  it's kind of hard to see the color payoff on my hand because of the color of my skin, but i promise it's so pretty on any skin tone.
available at any drug store

i die!! as if champagne pop wasn't enough, there's another golden highlight and some blushes to go along.  i could pretty much wear this palette everyday (and often do!)  i love that there is a shimmery blush or blush topper, a nude blush, and a matte blush.  i like to use the nude blush as an eye shadow crease color when i'm going for a more natural one shadow look.
available in sephora (currently out of stock online)

5//old navy sunnies (brown tortoise) ($14.95) available in store
forever 21 sunnies (black) ($8.90) available in store

i found this style last year and absolutely love them.  i've actually ordered the exact same pairs from an app called WISH (cheap stuff from china) for like $2 and the quality was great.  i just lost them right before a california trip and needed them replaced immediately and china takes like a month to get here.  i was so happy i found a replacement for both colors.

this is just a sample size that i got in an ipsy bag, but i love it!  the formula is creamy, smooth, and buttery and it is pretty long wearing.  it does transfer, but for the comfort i will take it.  the color is the perfect summer pink with a bit of red undertones.

7//lipsense in the shade strawberry shortcake ($55 starter kit/color $25/gloss $20/oops remover $10)

i'm sure you've seen this stuff all over facebook/instagram and it's for good reason.  this stuff is AMAZING!!  it truly is smudge proof, kiss proof, doesn't transfer, and SO long lasting.  i put this on this morning at 11:00pm and as i write this it is currently 10:43pm and i still have it on with no touch ups.  how it works is you put three layers of your color on (letting each layer dry before applying a new one) and then you top it off with the gloss that locks it in and seals it.  the gloss is so moisturizing and comfortable to wear.  i will say, after a few hours my lips start to feel dry but i just pop some more gloss on throughout the day as needed and the problem is solved.  my only complaint is that the smell and taste is kind of like rubbing alcohol but it goes away after about 30 seconds.  i'm definitely going to be adding a few more shades to my collection!!  if you want to order (which you should :) follow my girl alyssa on instagram and she will hook you up

8//old navy sandals ($19.94)

these shoes are my life.  as you can see from the wear hahaha. for reals though, these are the best thing that's ever happened to me and i would own them in every color if they weren't always sold out.  they are the perfect summer sandal (especially for pregnant me) that go with everything.  they are so simple but i get so many compliments every time i wear them.

9//kimonos ($5-20)
cotton on. wish, groopdealz, tj maxx
(basically they are everywhere)

let me tell you, i have quite the collection.  these are just a few and i pretty much wear them 5 days out of the week.  they add a cute flair to just about any outfit and they are so light it doesn't even feel like an extra layer.  basically a dress or skirt with a kimono over is my pregnant staple throughout the summer.  chances are you've seen me in one about 12 times. haha just trying to survive the heat people.

and there you have it, some of my current summer favorites.
what am i missing out on friends?!
i always love to find and try new things, so let me know what you are currently loving.
leave a comment below or on my instagram

happy tuesday!

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{brooks' mickey bash}

on june 15th, brooks turned 3!!
a few days later we partied hard mickey mouse style.  he has been talking about having a mickey party for months and months and months, and even though his obsessions are currently paw patrol and super heroes, he still wanted a mickey bash.

{the details}



{the games}

 {face painting}

{opening presents}

{cake and blowing out candles}

 we had so much fun celebrating our big boy.  he was so loved and spoiled by all his family and friends.  we love you so much brooksy boy!

as mickey would say, thanks for stopping by!!

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