coy maverick - two months old

my little coy boy is 2 months old as of november 8th.
he is just the best little guy and makes me so happy.

2 months old
11 pounds 8 ounces
24 inches long

-bath time
-facing out
-watching brooks and remi play
-when we sing to him
-being held
-sucking on his hands

-riding in the car
-being cold
-being covered while nursing
-binkies (unless he's really tired)

coy has been so fun this month.  he's such a smiley little guy and LOVES when you give him attention.  All you have to do is smile and he will give his biggest gummy grin.  He is also starting to find his voice.  If you coo at him, he will coo back.  Brooks claims that he heard coy say "bro" and frequently tells me that he also says "guh/"

Brooks and Remi love to hold him and make him smile.  Remi will get right up in his face and smile and as soon as he smiles back she will laugh her head off and Coy will smile even bigger, making her laugh harder.  It's the funniest/cutest thing.  It is so fun to watch them interact with him.  They love to get him toys and ask me daily if he has teeth yet or if he can talk/walk/sit etc/ They are very anxious for him to grow up... me, not so much.

Coy is getting so strong and can hold is head up for a long time.  He enjoys tummy time and looking around.  He loves to put weight on his legs and sit up.  We stuck him in the bumbo the other day and he did surprisingly well (I didn't put my other kids in until 3/4 months.)

He is such a happy little fella and only cries if we are in the car or if he's over tired.  It's funny though, because when he does cry, he CRIES.  he's got quite the set of pipes on him.  We took our first road trip with him for Thanksgiving and were worried about him screaming the whole way, but to our surprise he slept almost the entire way with no crying until the last 5 minutes.

at two months:
-size one diapers
-sleeps 10-12 hours at night waking up once around 5am then back to sleep
-0-3 clothes, a few 3-6
-has HUGE feet
-finding his voice
-discovered his hands

he's pretty much my favorite and i just want to eat his fat little face.

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