coy maverick: a birth story

on september 8th, at 7:45pm, our family gained a sweet little baby boy.

coy maverick harris
9 pounds 3 ounces || 21 inches long

baby boy was due september 12th, but i went in on tuesday, the 6th and my doctor asked if I wanted to have a baby on thursday.  Of course, I said yes.  He never told me how much I was dilated or anything, and I didn't ask because I was just so excited to have my baby.

I was able to get a few hours of sleep the night before, but I woke up two hours before my alarm and decided to start getting ready.  we dropped our kiddos off at my parents, and headed to the hospital at 7:45am.

They checked me in, got me started on IV's, and begin asking a million questions.  My least favorite part is getting an IV.  I have never had an IV placed correctly the first time :(  and this was no different.  They were fishing around in my vein and it was horrible.  Finally, the second nurse was able to get it placed.

I wasn't having any bad contractions, but I decided to get my epidural sooner rather than later.  As the anesthesiologist was getting all set up and ready to start, my doctor also came in to break my water.
it was so incredibly uncomfortable which i don't remember it being that way with my other two.  Dr. Judd then told me I was a "2ish" and he thought I would probably have the baby late afternoon.  I got my epidural which was easy, breezy and they only did a low dose since I wasn't contracting much.

I was quite comfortable and the waiting game began.  remi came by noon and so we were sure with this being my 3rd baby that we could expect about the same.  thankfully, treg came to hangout all day because the baby had a plan of it's own and matt took an afternoon snooze.
we passed the time by talking, watching friends, and when matt was awake he dazzled me with his latest yo-yo tricks.  every time they came in to check me i was barely progressing.

at around 5:30 when Dr. Judd was finishing up at the office for the day, he stopped in to check me himself.  I was at about a 7 and he told me that the baby was posterior (facing up instead of down).  he had me start pushing a little bit so that he could turn the baby with his bare hands.  can i just tell you how grateful I was at that moment for epidurals?!  The look on Matt's face while the Dr. was turning the baby was pure terror and I can only imagine it probably didn't feel very good.  Dr. Judd is a very sarcastic and casual individual, but he was VERY serious and VERY focused at this time.  Matt even made a joke about Notre Dame football and he barely even acknowledged him.

Once the baby was turned, we played the waiting game again.  Around 6:30-7 family started to pile into my room to meet the baby who hadn't yet been born.  we hadn't really talked about who we wanted in the room, but at about 7:15 when I was FINALLY a ten and it was time to start pushing, there was probably 10 people in the room plus all of the doctors and nurses and I was starting to get stressed.  I'm not a very private person and I don't really care who was in there but it just seemed like an overwhelming amount of people.
Matt started to sense my stress and basically kicked everyone out except for my mom and caitlin my sister in law.

Once I started pushing, they put the oxygen mask on me to help that babies heart rate from dropping and i did not like that.  I'd never had oxygen before and it was uncomfortable and awkward.  I pushed about three or four times and then Dr. Judd told me to stop pushing.  All I remember is everyone said that his head was HUGE.  It was really cool though, because as the doctor pulled the rest of his little body out, I was able to sit up and watch which I had never done before.

There is nothing sweeter in this world than a brand new baby making his entrance. The sweetest, most pure human being in the tiniest body.  It's such a special experience and something I always look forward to.  The peace and spirit that fills the room is so great.

Coy came out with his shrill little cries and they whisked him away to check vitals and weigh him and what not.  He was my biggest baby at 9 pounds 3 ounces and 21 inches long.  He came out healthy and ready to eat :)

I got to hold him and do skin to skin for a little bit while they cleaned me up.  Shortly after, everyone who was outside waiting came in to meet the little guy and then our kids came to meet their little brother.
It was the sweetest thing watching brooks and remi with coy.  I was so nervous for how remi was going to react and she couldn't get enough of him.

coy is the perfect little edition to our family.  we love him so much and can't imagine not having our very own baby cosmo.

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