girls night.

let it be known that i love boys.
in some ways i get along better with boys than with girls.
i grew up mostly with brothers
(my sisters were older and too cool. and then married and gone)
i've dated my fair share of boys.
and had some best guy friends.
there is nothing like a GIRL'S NIGHT!!
Last night I played with Steph, Caitlin, and Michelle.
We went and saw the movie Burlesque.
Seriously. if you haven't seen it. you should.
Christina is RIDICULOUS.
she sings like no one i've ever heard.
Also. movies 8 on a saturday night is BUMPIN' haha

we had to stand out in the cold in a line forever.
After the movie we sang our hearts out in the car on the way to
Brick Oven.
so delicious.
there may or may not have been some people that wanted to beat us.
To the people who sat around us...
sorry we are loud.
sorry we like to sing.
sorry we laugh alot.
sorry we have fun.
but not that sorry. cuz it was worth it.
on another note. the staff at brick oven is quite friendly. haha
after a long, hard, busy week.
girls night was the best.
i'm lucky to have good girl friends.
the church is true.
happy sunday :)
amy lynn

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ashley.warner said...

happy sunday!
now i want to go see this movie! :)