a new found appreciation.

i'm proud to be an American.
truly, i am.
we are very blessed to live in a free country.
to be able to worship how we choose.
as women, to be educated.
but today, i was reminded just how lucky we are.
in foundations of american ed. class we had a soldier who was in Afghanistan for 15 months come and talk to us.
i'll be the first to admit,
i'm very ill educated when it comes to the war.
political things
but for one hour, i was able to sit, listen, and learn.
my heart aches for the people who are killed because they are educated.
for the women who are only worth $400.
for the women who can't show their face or skin and aren't allowed to talk.
for the children who don't get opportunities.
for the seven year old boy who doesn't really get a normal childhood.
for the families who have fathers, sons, mothers, daughters across the sea, fighting to keep our country free. serving to make a difference.
i left that class feeling proud.
for the soldiers who sacrifice EVERYTHING for people like me, who really have no idea what's going on.
thank you soldiers.
from the bottom of my heart.
amy lynn

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