if money grew on trees...

i would buy all these beautiful things.
working friday night allows for some online browsing.
the beginnings of a very large spring wishlist
(also when i edit this they are all lined up so nicely and then i publish it and its crap, i don't love blogger right now.)












Mike, Adi & Drew said...

what website did you find that flowery shirt with the black ribbon around the waist! i want it!!!

Shane and Jena Rowley said...

Amy I just found your blog! You are so cute. I'm so happy we got to chit chat a little at "Kate's" wedding. Hope all is well. Love the spring clothes... can't wait for spring.

amylynn188 said...

the black flowery shirt with the ribbon is from forever 21 online i believe.

and jena! I'm glad you found me...i will add you to my blog list :)

rachel. said...

that one shirt is like andreas! i want it.