has been on my mind alot.
i love this quote, it's so true.
you never know what other people are going through.
point and case:
this person has been coming to zumba at TDC and not paying.
it ended up being confusion, because our instructor teaches at multiple places and this person thought her punchcard was good at all places.
as i explained to her that it was in fact not good here and she needed to buy a seperate punchcard for TDC,
she told me she wouldn't be able to.
i told her she could take the class for free this time, because she was already here, but after she would have to pay.
the instructor later came up to me and told me how this person has been struggling with family medical problems and herendous bills, but she was finally getting out of the house and doing something for herself.
the instructor proceeded to tell me that she would buy this lady a punchcard because she felt it was important for her to continue doing something for herself.
i seriously wanted to cry.
first, because i had no idea that this lady was going through so much.
second, the kindness of the instructor.
so easily she could have disregarded it and been done.
this was a reminder to me that small acts are so simple, yet mean so much.
i'd like to think i'm generally a pretty kind person,
but i do critique people alot.
i'm a people watcher.
i like to look at people are wearing or not wearing, how they do their hair, the way they are walking etc. and provide commentary.
it's kinda funny, but i also realize it's kind of rude.
my justification has always been that i look retarded some days and i'm sure people think,
"what is that girl wearing"
i wouldn't be surprised to see my picture up on peopleofwalmart.com...seriously sometimes it's badd.
but as i was talking to a friend, we realized how often we judge people because of their looks and she said to me that instead of picking out the bad, weird, and ugly she was going to say something nice about all the people we people watch.
i think this is a great idea.
so, my goal this week is to be kinder in my judgements of peoples appearance.
let us all be a little bit kinder.
love, amy lynn

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ashley.warner said...

I struggle with this on a daily basis, but something I do is in the morning when I pray I just ask for help to see others as children of God. It's HARD, don't get me wrong. But on the days I really pay attention to others and try to see the good in them, my day goes better! :)