versatile. yeah,that's real.

now i realize that this picture has nothing to do with versatile, but i just quite liked it.
awarded me with the 'versatile blogger' award.
rules as follows:
answer 10 questions.
tag 7 people.

10 questions

1. why did you create your blog?

the reason for this blog is two fold.. one- i was stalking people and felt like i should give them the opportunity to creep on me. aannd two- for journaling purposes. i type more than i write.

2. what kind of blogs do you follow?

friends. family. interesting people.

3. favorite brand of makeup?

i'm not picky. i switch it up all the time. however... i do LOVE mac gel eyeliner. it changed my life.

4. favorite brand of clothing?

once again... if its cute, i'll buy it regardless of where it's from.  i like forever 21, urban outfitters, target, h&m, nordstrom...to name a few.

5. indespensable makeup product?

i feel ALL girls should wear mascara. it just makes you look fresh and awake.

6. favorite color?

black, purple, turquoise

7. favorite perfume?

i have a few...
NYC - Sarah Jessica Parker
Poppy - Coach
Light Blue - Dolce & Gabana

8. favorite movie(s)?

pearl harbor, how to lose a guy in 10 days, aladdin, mulan, grease, pirates,burlesque, also scary movies

9. what country do you want to visit and why?

let's be honest. i'd pretty much go anywhere. because traveling is the best.
new zealand/australia/france/england/greece/ghana/japan/china

10. Would you rather forget to put mascara on one eye or forget blush on one side of your face?

don't wear blush... so mascara on one eye. haha i'm sure i've done it before.

now tagging "blogs i like"

love, amyLynn


Chelsey said...

maybe i don't "like" your blog anymore either

rachel. said...

haha this is funny.
ill prolly do it in lets see what was my record time last time?? three weeks hahaha.
kidding, also im not sure what the word of your titile means?

Ashley Eliza said...

aw thanks hon! i am excited to do this.. :)
hope you have a fabulous weekend!!!


Ashley Eliza said...

ps mac gel eyeliner changed my life too!!!