spring break. day three.

day three.
st. george.
saturday we lounged by the pool all morning and afternoon.
however, we managed to take NO pictures.
then we went out to dinner.

steph and michelle.

me and liss.
couldn't take a normal picture

our waiter loved us so much he requested a picture.
oh russ!

the in between stuff we didn't document, but it included
making shoes
tripping and breaking a foot
eating our body weight in candy
vinegar baths (not me, just for the pasty humans..haha)
and then we went for midnight adventures

we stayed up way too late dancing and being cool.
then the next day we traveled home.
it went by wayyy to fast. but it was much needed and so fun.
love, amyLynn

also.. i posted twice today. so keep on scrollin :)

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