never too old.

contrary to popular belief, you are never too old to build forts.

make beds on the floor.
watch movies .
and frantically run to papa johns at 11:58pm
hoping to make it before they close.
(fyi.. they close at eleven. but still deliver until 1am)
and yes sitting in the parking lot waiting for your pizza counts as a delivery.
friends are great :)
{i'm too lazy to upload our actual fort at the moment. maybe one day}
also, mother's day tomorrow.
very excited.
phone calls from my two favorite boys.
missionary farewells
and of course honoring all of the great mothers.
especially this one.

                                    senior picture 1972ish...so pretty.                 

i love her oh so much!!
if you don't know her you are sure missing out.
love you mother dear.
love, amyLynn

1 comment:

Marylynn said...

1. I want THAT fort.
2. Love that picture of your mom! Please give her a Mother's Day hug from me!
3. Glad I found your blog!
4. I miss St. George. Glad you had fun!