ten things.

ten. favorite places to be.

1. my bed.
2. the hut.
3. at my house.
4. lake powell.
5. disneyland.
6. outside.
7. in my car.
8. matt's house.
9. work.
10. the temple

nine. weird things about me.

1. i enjoy airplane turbulance.
2. i always single one person out on the plane who i think is most likely to bring a bomb or hold the plane hostage.
3. i dont wash my hands when i go pee. (haha sorry bout it)
4. i shave my legs on average once a month.
5. i constantly make random humans guess how old i am.
6. i have weird hands. my pinkies are bent. my fingers are double jointed.
7. i always look at people's shelves and desks and notice whether or not they dust on a regular basis...most people don't.
8. i'd rather clean a million toilets than having to load a dishwasher.
9. I'm pretty good at doing a bulgarian accent. haha

eight. things i am going to do this summer.

1. make new friends.
2. get a bike and ride in the canyon.
3. go to lake powell.
4. finish the book of mormon.
5. participate in a service project.
6. go hiking.
7. long summer nights outside and bonfires.
8. swim everyday.

seven. things i am currently thinking.

1. last days of preschool. bitter sweet feeling.
2. i'm a fan of finding new music.. william fitzsimmons equals good stuff.
3. i'm stoked for california and the fact that my WHOLE family will be there :)
4. little bit of stress concerning work
5. i'm over facebook.
6. i should probably be asleep.
7. i hope i get a letter tomorrow from my love in washington.

six. things i am wearing.

1. underwear.
2. large pajama shirt.
3. my diamond necklace that never comes off.
4. my 25 cent "m" ring that i always wear.
5. nine bracelets.
6. contacts.

five. things i am worried about.
1. money. stupid money.
2. work stress.
3. giving someone the wrong idea.
4. my familia getting hurt.
5. having my tire blowout on the freeway. a daily stress.

four. things on my floor.

1. lotion bottle
2. letter to matt waiting to be sent.
3. scissors.
4. my build a bear from nate. hahaha it talks. thats weird.

three. things i want to do today.

1. eventually sleep.
2. go to the bank/pay car payment/buy mom bday gift
3. go to dirty dancing at the gym with cait.

two. things i will reveal.

1. i feel like i have landed on a plateau. i need a change. i need to better myself. any suggestions?
2. i think i'm addicted to texting. sometimes i HATE it and get so annoyed by people, but i continue to do it.

one. thing you wish you could change.

i'm ready for summer. shorts. sandals. tank tops. swim suits. sunglasses.