the special two.

two of my very most favorite people turn 21 this week.
treg on tuesday and caitlin on wednesday.
words cannot describe how much i love these two women.
treg and i. our frienship started to blossom in 2008 at preschool.

caitlin and i. our friendship started to bloom summer of 2007. best summer ever.

 to my wims.
i love you both so much and i'm so grateful to have both of you in my life.
you are no longer babies :)
my your 21st year be the best.
vegas 2011. can't wait.
love, amyLynn

also, my little muckle chuck shares a birthday with caitlin.

happy birthday macie. i love you :)


Tregani Lanham said...

oh you're so sweet. Thank you so much! You made my birthday so awesome amy. Love

rachel. said...

you look so little!