last weekend i took a trip with some of my women to none other than

we felt it was appropriate seeing as how these two girlies turned 21 just days before.

our trip consisted of...
car rides.

bathroom breaks.

pool time.


yummy dinner.

mega bed.

car accident.
we didn't document the accident cuz the accident itself was shock enough buuuut
we ate cookie crisp after the accident to make us feel better.
ugly faces.

hittin' up the club scene haha

missionary opportunities

and various other activites.
all TOPTIONAL of course.
who needs alcohol to have fun?
we sure don't.
now back to reality...
love, amyLynn

1 comment:

ashley.warner said...

looks like a great vacation!
love that you "don't need alcohol to have fun"
woot woot!
you go girl!
be a missionary to the hotties in vegas ;) hehe