good intentions lead to blogging.

on thursdays i have a two and a half hour break.
which would be lovely for doing homework, reading, or studying.
and today i had the BEST of intentions.
come home.
write a lesson plan.
read some articles.
brainstorm for a presentation.
and somehow i have filled my first hour with
i'm so lame.

it appears as if some of the talks in conference were directed 100 percent to me.

but while i am here i will share with you my current loves as of thursday october 6th:

1. i love that my brother is home :)
(post on this to come)

2. i love seeing new pictures of my cutest nieces and nephews that live far away.

3. i love pumpkin. and everything that comes with it.

4. i love that zooey deschanel has a show.
i just like her alot.

5. i love reading my scriptures in the morning rather than at night.
seriously, if you don't do this, try it.

6. i love that today is boot wearing weather.

7. i love that matthew.brooks.harris only has 6 months left.

and i will stop at number eight because it is my favorite number.

8. i love that tomorrow is friday and i have great plans this weekend.
most of which involve activities for this lady and this man's wedding festivities.

mostly i just love thursdays.
happy thursday.

love, amyLynn

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