my best friends wedding.

on november 18th, 2011
rachel magon reese
rachel magon mcCarty.
the day began at the salt lake temple where rachel&drew were sealed for time and all eternity.

 steph and i waited in the lobby, seeing as how we were pretty much the only ones not endowed. it's fine though, we passed the time by painting our nails.
waiting to greet the mr. & mrs.
it was quite chilly.
introducting The McCarty's
also. rachel is just beautiful :)

of course our friends quickly embraced the bride.

the bride and groom, and all their friends.

the most important ones.. haha.

and then later that evening we headed to Wadley Farms for the reception.
i had never been there, even though it's right down the street from my house. 
It was really pretty.
we arrived and took pictures out in the freezing cold.
seriously it was bitter.
and then the reception began...
the bridesmaids.
we hid in the back corner by the fire for the first little bit. haha

bridesmaid boquet

centerpieces. very rachel i feel.

{bride and groom}

some of my favorite guests in attendance at the reception.

rachel and drew's cutest little niece.
seriously, i love her.

cutting the cake.
they were brutal and shoved it all up in eachother's face.

the throwing of the garter.

the bridesmaids dancing with their husbands.
i felt very honored to capture kristi and scott dancing, for you see this was there first dance as a couple...mind you they've been married for a year and a half.
also, my childhood neighbor friend asked me to dance shortly after this since i was boyless. haha what a gent!
and of course. the bride and grooms first dance.
rachel looks as if she's taking it all in and about to shed some tears.
in reality, i think i just captured an in between talking moment. haha

we took one last picture with the bride before the send off.
it literally started to blizzard right as we were sending them off, so i didn't get any pictures. but it was cute, we all had bubbles... and they headed off to make a sexy time :)

and this is what i saw as i drove home.
probably not the safest to take a picture during a blizzard, while driving.
but i did it, so there.
the wedding was a great success.
congratulations rachel and drew.  i love you both!!


andy brienne said...

the best part of this is picturing people painting their nails in the temple lobby. :) I wish I would have thought of that first.

rachel. said...

your the best :)