one hundred.

this is my 100th post.
i think i deserve a badge.

back it up a couple of days and let's talk about halloween.
shall we?
the day started out fabulous.
most everyone in my cohort at school dressed up.
 rachel and i.
the grandmas.
so funny, i want to be this next year.
after school i helped the brother propose to caitlin.
cutest ever.
it turned out so good

then we all got dressed up, went out to eat, and watched scary movies.
here are some photos from halloween.

macie refused to open her eyes in any picture haha little stinker.

and all my cutest nieces and nephews.
i just love halloween.
let the holiday seasons begin...
love, amyLynn

also, once again i posted several times this day.. so keep a goin

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