thankful journal-day sixteen,seventeen,&eighteen.

it's been a busy few days so i best catch up on my thankful posts.

november 16th.
today i am thankful for journal writings.

i haven't always been the best journal writer, i usually go through phases.
but today i stumbled upon a bunch of old letters and thoughts from a few years back.
it was so weird.
it reminded me of old feelings. and memories. and things i had forgotten.
it was fun to see how much i've changed and how different things are now.
i am grateful for written words of the past.

november 17th
today i am thankful for seasons.

i love living in utah where we experience it all.
it creates beauty.

november 18th.
today i am thankful for temples.

and for the knowledge i have that families can be together forever.
plus they are just beautiful.


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