if you don't already think i'm cool.

this post will surely change that.
ok, only kidding it is simply going to be a jumble of random thoughts...

my car. oh my bloody car. the steering stopped again. it is currently on the side of the road a few streets down from my house all alone. a part of me wants to be a grump and cry about it. but for some reason i'm just calm, cool, and collected.
who doesn't love to spend $350 on a new power steering pump?!

i have entered the smart phone world (only 5 years later, it's fine)  and boy let me tell you how smart i feel.
i just played the word "zebra" on words with friends and got 96 points! 96 points people..that's a big deal! i have just turned this game around.
also, if you want to play with me feel free..
hanging with friends: amylovesmatt
words with friends: amers188
word feud: amylynn188
i challenge you to a rip roarin game of wordy fun.

christmas is almost here and i have 68% more shopping to do.

christmas is almost here and i will get to talk to matt for the LAST TIME before he comes home. this makes me want to pee a little.

i have developed this weird anxiety about being alone. not alone in the "i'll never marry sense" but like literally alone. as in not being around people. it's the weirdest thing because normally i relish in being home alone or having alone time.

 i have this burning desire to hit up some SMONDAY at denny's. what do you ask is smonday? well let me tell you.. it is between the hours of midnight and 3am between sunday and monday. why do i want to go? no idea. i'm not even hungry. perhaps it has something to do with not wanting to be alone...

i hate the power that people can have over you.  i hate that people and things can consume your thoughts when you don't even want them there in the first place. stupid 28% crushes.

i cried in vampire diaries today.
and it made me feel really cool.
well since eight is my favorite number i will stop here.

if you read all of this kuddos to you!
and for the sake of curiosity i DARE you to comment on this post.
even if you are a stage five creeper and i don't know you.
i'll be the first to admit.
i'm a hardcore blog creeper.
so do it.
and i will love you.

and because every post is better with a picture...

that's all, for now.


Tregani Lanham said...

you're my favorite

Mindee & Austin said...

haha you are too cute and funny Amy! LOVED seeing you yesterday. And now i can that we have another babysitter for Zo : ) Your top 8 was pretty funny, I may have even laughed out loud! And that pic..WOOOW, is that fo realz? Have a great week before Christmas!

ashley.warner said...

i read this all the way through.
am i an official creep now?
i sure hope...well, maybe not.

love that photo. baby got back.