i must confess.

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here are my SUNDAY confessions...

1. it's been six days since i last washed my hair. SIX. haha sometimes i am a gross human.

2. i once stayed up until 5 am learning and practicing this dance with a friend who shall not be named... for you see one day we are just going to bust it out when we happen to be in the same place, at the same time, and hear this song.

3. i cry when i watch peoples wedding videos. the joy. the love. the happiness.
ah! it just gets me everytime.

4. sometimes i know things about people via facebook or blog, and then i see them and want to say something but i don't reeeaally know them so i have this internal battle in my head about whether or not i should say something and how big of a creep it will make me sound.
more often than not i take the creeper route and just say something.

5. i sometimes watch tv while "studying"...it's a great idea, give it a try. haha
the jazz game was on..duhhh!

6. my family drinks purple kool-aid every sunday for dinner.  have ever since i can remember.  if we don't, someone always asks "where's the purple kool-aid"

7. i am notorious for not knowing correct song lyrics and singing what i think it says...
taylor swift song says " i miss your tan skin, your sweet smile"
i think it says "i miss your texting, your sweet smile"

owl city song says "leave my door open just a crack, cuz i feel like such an insomniac"
i think it says "leave my door open just a crack, cuz i feel like such a dumby ass"
true story, i thought that's what it said.
and the list goes on and on.  the best is when someone brings it to my attention and i feel like a retard

8. if i don't know how to spell a word, i open a text message and type it in to see if auto correct can help a girl out. works like a charm.


9. in 87 days my lover returns to me.

and i will probably keep reminding everyone excessively.
so be ye warned!!

as usher would say, "these are my confessions"



Tregani Lanham said...

ha ha these are just a few of the things you do that make me so glad you are my friend. Wom you are who you are and you own it. Love

Chelsey said...

you didn't cry when you watch our wedding video

Alyx said...

Bahahaha, I love it! I so do the same things with the song lyrics.
And I wish my hair could look like that after not washing it for six days! For real. I'm jealous of your dirty hair. As creepy as that may sound, it's true.
And that dance=amazeballs.
Where's your man serving??

megan danielle said...

youre waiting for a missionary too?? so am i!!! just found your blog from all things ashley...love it!!

Samantha said...

how do you go that long without washing your hair?! i wish i could! tell me your secret! haha

ginanorma said...

Those were awesome!!! I don't wash my hair sometimes for that long, no lie!
Now that it's short, I can't go that long, but when it was really long I could..