sunday confessiones.

1. I am currently blogging from Kamiah, Idaho in town because up on the mountain there is no internet.

2. for breakfast my sister and i shared a bag of nuggets.
in my defense, we are out of town, so it's legal.

3. my grandparents were quite a handsome couple at the age of 20. 

4. chubby naked babies just melt my heart.

5. i want to steal this from my grandparents home and put it in my own.
their house is totally stuck in the 70's and i love it.
orange, red, and green shag carpet.
sparkly ceilings...and this gem.

6. the ONE time i don't over pack for a trip is the one time i'm staying an extra day.

7. what i desire most right now more than anything in the world is to hop on over to washington and say hi to my little missionary man.

for now, that is all.
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Gentri said...

Chocolate for breakfast is totally legal... anytime. haha!
Love that little baby picture!

Alyx said...

Awww, your missionary is so cute!!!
And chubby little babies are just adorable. For real.

Samantha said...

omg i love the new blog design!!!

Ashley Eliza said...

amyyyyyyy i too love the new design!! its rockin :) xoxo