and then there were two.

as most of you know, i am a lady in waiting.
my love left me on April 7, 2010 to serve the Lord for 730  days.

rather than cross of each day one by one (because let's be honest that's ALOT of days) he made me a paper chain before he left with 24 links, one to be taken off on the 7th of every month.
on each link he wrote me a little message.
i decided i'm going to share the message from each month because they truly capture our relationship.
now i realize some of them will mean nothing to you, but i just shows our random/quarky/sweet/funny/loving relationship.

seriously, i just love this kid.

1. may 2010: one month down. just remember that i love you sheila!

2. june 2010: daaang gina! you got it goin on!

3. july 2010: quack! quack! quack! quack! QUACK!! quack! quack! <3 calvin
(calvin is our imaginary duck)

4. august 2010: i turn my head for 2 seconds and calvin got a hold of my pen! he's a sneaky lil' duck. 
p.s. i love you.

5. september 2010: life/football is not a sprint, it's a marathon. -coach tyler hughes

6. october 2010: oh yip! i feel like your goal this week should be...go on a date! (not with someone we both know though.)

7. november 2010: dear amy, i love you, how could you blame me, it's plain to see, as fate may be, your left ring finger was made for me :)

8. december 2010: 8. your favorite number, i just clapped 8 times, yip, yip, yip, yip, yip, yip ,yip, yip!

9. january 2011: #9 is stripey.

10. february 2011: i've been gone almost 11 months...are we still in love? i hope we are...i know we are!

11. march 2011: i just became a missionary! I don't think I could have done it without you babe! You helped make me the man i am today. i love you forever amy lynn vanchiere :)

12. april 2011: open your right hand, now kiss it! now close it, open it, and kiss it again!

13. may 2011: i'm 13 months into my mission...are you kidding me? I wonder if i've gotten injured yet?...

14. june 2011: faith takes care of the future, repentance, the past, and the holy ghost, the present.

15. july 2011: remember buy a t-shirt day? feel free to go buy me a shirt this week...I wouldn't be mad at it :)

16. august 2011: i love you amy lynn vanchiere. do you love me too?

17. september 2011: most of my friends are home by now huh? go give the colonel or coleman a kiss!

18. october 2011: i would walk 500 miles and i would walk 500 more....

19. november 2011: team matt rules! abc+m=BAMF! good thing i have the three greatest friends ever.

20. december 2011: we get to talk on the phone this month. on a scale of one to ten how stoked are you?

21. january 2012: 3 more months! i'm sure we're still in love! (unless you got married without telling 

22. february 2012: get ready for the greatest summer of your life...summer 2012 :)

and then there were two.

people, do you understand the significance of this?!
this used to reach down to the floor plus some.
pure joy is what this makes me feel.
pure joy.



Alyx said...

OHMYGOSH!!! So excited for you. I have no idea what it is like to wait for a missionary... but sounds hard.

Mike, Adi & Drew said...

that is soooo cute! what a great guy! can't wait to see how your future together unfolds ;)

eryka {from abcde} said...

I love this!! So freaking cute! :)



Alana Christine said...

Yay! So close!!

megan danielle said...

oh my gosh that is so insane!!! i can hardly wait until that is me, but of course i will hahaha congrats! that is sooooo exciting!!!

andy brienne said...

congrats, congrats, congrats!!!

Valerie Griffin said...

Yay! So sweet!

Amy said...

That's so exciting that you've come so far and have only two months left! I just came across your blog and my name is Amy Lynn too! It's a pretty good name, if I do say so myself :)

Erica said...

this made me cry a little haha I just love missionarys! I'm so glad that he is almost done because you deserve to be sooo happy:)

paige and jord said...

amy i am sooo excited for you!!! yay!

Mindee and Austin said...

Amy this could be the sweetest thing i've ever beheld a guy do!! I am stoked for you! Its gonna be a great summer for you : )

ginanorma said...

This is really really cute and cool, I love it! Is he a missionary somewhere?
Aw, it must be so hard!

Kelly said...

Two months left?! That's so exciting! I love that he left sweet messages in the chains too :)

haleybrianna said...

Thanks for posting all of this!

Holly said...

What a sweet idea! I bet you're counting down the minutes - I know I would be!

Just dropping by from #FF.