dating equals disaster.

oh dating!
rather than post the full details of one specific date,
i have decided to highlight a few awkward dating moments i have encountered.

1. on our very first date, and also the very first time we ever met in person mind you, boy numero uno tells me he has a surprise for me.  he proceeds to tell me that he made a mix cd of songs that remind him of me.  i laugh and say thank you, and then he hands me the cd.... oh no, it's not just one cd its FIVE. how in the world can someone have FIVE cd's worth of songs for someone you don't even know.

2. also on a first date, walking into the movie theater i manage to slip on the tile and basically do a lunge to my knees.  i laugh and stand up, and my date does nothing.  he doesn't laugh, he doesn't offer to help me up, he doesn't ask if i'm ok... nothing. perhaps he thought ignoring it would make is less awkward?

3. on another date, we were at dinner and we were looking at the menu getting ready to order.  our waitress comes to take our order and my date says, "we've already ordered, thanks though."  i'm freaking out in my chair, because we have NOT ordered and she looks at me all confused and takes our menus away.  i feel too weird to say anything and then i think, "ok maybe he came early and ordered something for the both of us"  about twenty five minutes later and no food, the manager comes to our table and asks how things are going, to which i reply, "i think we are ready to order."  it was so weird.

4. my biggest pet peeve is when boys ask for hugs, kisses, cuddling etc. again, i was on a first date/hang out deal and this guy and i was just not feeling it at all.  we were watching a movie and i was sitting criss cross apple sauce on the couch, with my purse on my lap, and my water bottle in my hand.  he kept asking, "want to lay on the love sac with me?" which i replied, "no thanks, i'm good."  then i noticed he wasn't even watching the movie, he was starring at me hardcore. so i turned and said, "you're not even watching the movie." and he said, "i can't take my eyes off your lips, they look so delicious." are you freaking serious?? who says that. i was disgusted.  he asked me several times if he could kiss me, which i obviously said no.  oh don't worry, at the end of the date when he took me home, i told him he didn't need to walk me to my door, but he insisted. aaand he laid a big fat one on me. it was SICK.

so, there you have it.  some of my awkward dating moments.

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eryka {from abcde} said...

i love this. and i also will be emailing you this weekend once I get all my sponsor stuff up!!! :) xo


Mike, Adi & Drew said...

Lol ok what's up with the guy who said y'all already ordered??? That's the weirdest thing EVER!

Later, delicious lips ;)

Alyx said...

HAhahaha, ohhhh wow. I don't even know what to say to this, except... AWKWARD!!! I never really had any of these moments... I didn't ever date very much, though.

Valerie Griffin said...

dating is SO awkward! haha so glad i never have to go on a "first date" again!

Alana Christine said...

bahahahahaha. I died laughing! You have definitely had some awkward dates!
My favorite was the "we already ordered date."

Ashley Eliza said...

hAHAHHAh i am busting up laughing in my office right now!!!!!!!!!!!! ummmmm #4 trumps them.
ew ew ew. some ppl just can't get a hint! you dont do that.


Kelly said...

Seriously, boy #3 - who does that?! Was it to be funny? Or was he really just that weird?

And boy #4 - some people just never seem to get it.

Tregani Lanham said...

You truly have had some top notch men in your life my dear. And they all can't help but fall in love with you.

Erica said...

haha way too funny! So many weirdos out there! Good thing your man comes home home soooo dang soon:)

Alex Butts said...

stopppp it! I'm seriously cringing right now. I would be so awk sauce during every single one of these moments. Like your lips look delicious? We've already ordered? Who are these men. This makes me actually happy that I can't remember when my last date was

Jo said...

...5 CDS!?!?!

Chelsie Clarke said...

Bahah, thought I might as well continue the conversation via comments.

first off... this post is absolutely HILARIOUS. How can you have so many EXTREMELY awkward dating stories!?

You will love Tyler's parents! They are incredible! They're both the kindest people & his dad is totally hilarious! That's awesome that you guys are going to go hang out with them. Love the Aldens so much.

Really such a small world. I envy your Elder already being home! I miss Elder Alden too much & don't hear from him frequently enough!

Enjoy the Aldens! Have so much fun planning your wedding! And keep blogging! Love your blog here.

Yes perhaps we will meet at his homecoming! Haha!