sunday confessions.

things that i confess to on this day...

1. i literally do not remember the last time i shaved my legs. we are talking months. all i know is that this past week i cuffed up some of my skinny jeans and a tiny bit of my legs were exposed.  as i walked i could feel a breeze in my leg hair. hahaha you know then it's time to shave
[which i still haven't done yet]

2. i sleep with a pillow pet every night. rosie the elephant. i quite love her.

3. chocolate covered almonds are my new favorite treat. i find myself craving them throughout the week. good ol' winco provides them in the bulk candy section...which is both a blessing and a curse.

4. if  people judged me by the tv shows i watched, that would be a sad day for me. haha apparently i like other peoples drama, because i'm always sucked into extremely classy tv shows. and i'm not mad at it.

 teen mom 2
jersey shore
the bachelor
the kardashian 

thanks goodness for TiVo and on demand...otherwise i wouldn't know who used the smush room last, or who cheated on who, or even who went skinny dipping with the bachelor.

5. i HATE having dreams. i'm one of those who rarely remembers my dreams, so 88% of the time i'm golden. but when i do have a dream, and i do remember it, i do not enjoy it.  dreams to me are like someone chained me to a chair and forced me to watch a movie i don't care to see. i'd rather pick out my own movie thank you very much.

6. my last confession may cause me to be struck by lightening one day, but that is a risk i'm willing to take.  i find great joy in people watching...let's be honest, who doesn't?  but i can't just stop at people watching, i have to capture and document the moment as well.  here are some of my "caught on film" moments...
(i may or may not be obsessed with mullets)

near the top right corner is a flaming orange mohawk man.

mohawk man again.

and my personal favorite which was captured yesterday, in line at the movie theater 
(to see the vow which i totally loved)

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Alana Christine said...

During the winter, I shave like twice a month. haha.
I'm addicted to drama shows, too--I LOVE Teen Mom/16 & Pregnant and all of the Kardashian shows. lol. Idk why...
Also, I love that you captured these "interesting" people in pictures! hahahaha. That lady (?) in the black tights sure was lookin good! bahahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

If I didn't get so itchy from not shaving I would totally not do it either!

I couldn't stop laughing looking at all the interesting people you got pictures of. I love people watching for that very reason, never a dull moment!

Chelsey said...

you seem to have a lot of confessions.
1. I can wax those legs for you. I'm quite the pro.
2.pillow pets are for kids.
3.you should try the chocolate covered gummi bears in the bulk section.
4.i watch all of those shows as well. not so much jersey shore though
5.no comment
6.i wish you would have told me how worn my brown boots look at the heal. that's just embarrassing.

Alyx said...

Oh. My. Gosh. I think I just puked in my mouth a little bit. That is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen. I mean, seriously... do people not check to see what they look like before leaving the house? It's not that hard!
And that pillow pet is adorable. I love it!!!!!

Samantha said...

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha i love love LOVE that you take pictures of the people! haha that's great :)

Kelly said...

You can always find interesting characters at Lagoon! And I think pillow pets are the best. My friends and I are all in college...and we all have one :)

haleybrianna said...

your good at capturing all of those shots! Haha. I'd be the idiot that got caught all the time and chased down. ;)

Mindee and Austin said...

That last pic is SO wrong! Doesnt she know those are see through!? I have to fully agree on the people watching, its one of my favorite past times!! Especially at the mall, Disneyland, or walmart...oh and the knewest favorite watching spot...the social security office! {I had to go to get a new ss#, there were some TOP knotch people!} haha. If you get struck by lightening, I'll be right there with ya!

Hollie Ann said...

holy sh*t!!!! that last picture ahahahahahhahahahaahahha


winner right there.

thanks for sharing!!!

now following you :)