thursdays. i love them.

my favorite day of the week.

best thing that happened:
*my mother made no bakes and left a pan for the friends and i to devour.
(perk of living at home)

*grey's anatomy is on.

weirdest thing that happened:
*i had to eat my soup with a fork, because we are all out of plastic spoons.
talk about weird.  it takes about seven times longer to eat soup with a fork. i don't recommend it.
and i even had broccoli soup which is thicker.

worst thing that happened:
* i got up to the cashier at target to purchase my goods, and when i opened my wallet my card was missing.
oh don't worry, it's in the pocket of the jeans i wore yesterday..which just happen to be laying on my bedroom floor. talk about LAME.

2nd best thing that happened:
*my work schedule tomorrow got cut in half and now i can attend this ladies house warming party :)

"pee my pants" moment of the day:
*right this second, realizing that in exactly 12 hours i will be interviewing with 12 principals.
and you should maybe wish me luck or something.

that was my day in a nutshell.
oh how i love thee thursdays.


Chelsey said...

even though you were absent for our party, i sent a good luck charm home with your mom. wear it tomorrow for good luck.

Tregani Lanham said...

You're gonna do great wom!!!

Valerie Griffin said...

i missed grey's last night! can't wait to catch up!

Alyx said...

Good luck, Amy!! I'm assuming you haven't had your interview yet, but I could be wrong.
Anyway.... soup with a fork, eh? Wasn't planning on trying it, but ya know. Now I DEFINITELY won't.

rachel. said...


natasha said...

Hope your interview went great!