one of my best friends and soon to be sister in law is getting married in just 
10 days!!
while my brother was on his mission, caitlin and i became very close
check out her blog HERE.
2 years worth of memories made.

on saturday we decided to have a little party of sorts.
this was the invitation i created, the front and the back

and here are some photos from the festivities.

the cake :)
this cake was pretty amazing, thanks melina for creating it!!

opening some of the goods...

we forgot a group picture, but these are the best ones anyway ;)

i am so thrilled that you are going to be part of my family.
you are one of my best friends and i'm so thankful that we have been able to grow so close.
this is just the beginning of great things to come.
abc&m forever!
i love you wom.

also, look how cute my brother and cait are...

photos by tregani lanham

good times.
i wish the weekend could just last forever.


Anonymous said...

her bridals are amazing!!!!!! I work with her best friend stephanie and LOVE her! haha. she is so fun.
anyway, so excited for bryce! can't believe how fast we all grew up


ashley.warner said...

oh my gosh!

that is so crazy they're getting married! CONGRATS.

and i love the shower you threw - looks like FUN mija!

alex butts said...

beautiful couple! and how exciting for you to gain a sister in the process, enjoy the week!

Alyx said...

Love those photos of her and your brother - so cute!
And I love that cake. Holy amazeballs.

Valerie Griffin said...


Kristi Haslam said...

Looks like a fun party!! I'm sad I couldn't come. That cake is amazing!

caitlin cecile said...

ok i just love you! greatest post to date pretty sure. i'm lucky to have an amazing friend/sister :) thanks ami! love you!