try a little harder.

seeing as how i am going into the field of education, this video really got to me.
it made my heart hurt.

i don't think i was considered a "mean girl" in school, but i know that i definitely could have been nicer.
i could have reached out to more people and befriended those who were lonely, rather than just sticking to my select group of friends.

i feel like in jr high and high school everyone tries so hard to fit in and be the cool kids, but then outside of high school none of it matters. no one cares if you went to every single dance.  no one cares that you were a cheerleader, a jock, a band geek, tennis player etc. etc. and yet at the time it seems like the most important thing in the world.

i love this quote, which i'm sure you've all heard
i think it's such a good motto to live by.
i'll be the first to admit, i often judge people or make funny comments.
i'm not perfect,
but i've really been striving to keep this is mind and look for the good in people each day.
just something as simple as a smile.
holding the door open.
making small talk with someone in line at the store.
a nice phone call, text, or email.
and the list goes on.

it's really not hard to be kind to people.
just the other day i was going through the drive-thru at subway and the cashier man was being a creeper (see me judging..haha) he was starring hard core and making me feel weird.  after i paid and he was handing me my card back he said, 
"you are really beautiful, do you realize that?"
here i am judging someone for looking at me weird, when really he was trying to pay me a compliment.

let us all try to be a little kinder to those around us each day.
i truly believe it will make all the difference.


Samantha said...

that bully trailer gets me. thanks for posting this, always a good reminder.

Alyx said...

I love this. That bully trailer really gets to me, too.
I realize that, like you, I certainly wasn't a total biatch in high school, but I totally had my moments and could have been a little nicer to people, or stood up for the ones that everyone else made fun of while I just sat there quietly.
Thanks for this, amy!

Ronida said...

Aw. :( I've been in a stage where I've felt too little about myself because of some not-so good people at school. It's really painful to go to go to class thinking that it's just another day of dealing with them. I really wish people are nicer coz it could really change a lot of self-confidence issue that most are facing.