friday letters.

dear brett dennen and mumford & sons,
 thank you for making my day more enjoyable. your music makes me happy and speaks to my soul. perfection.

dear jazz,
thank you thank you thank you for playing hard and making the playoffs. keep up the good work!

dear matthew brooks,
it's insane how happy you make me. it feels like you never left. now just make me your wife :)

dear cohort of women,
i can't believe our time has finally come.  finals are over and we go our separate ways. bittersweet, but mostly sweet because the end is in sight.

dear laundry,
please hang yourselves. there is a reason i have procrastinated so long. i hate you.

dear selfish human,
you suck. stop what you are doing and realize that you are hurting people.
people i love.
or else i just might beat you up.
for reals though, stop.

dear rachel,
i can't believe you are leaving me for the whole summer. i will miss you dearly. i am truly saddened, but i'm excited for you and the husband to have many fun adventures. skype dates er'day!




Samantha said...

i love malawis! and where is rachel going?!

Alana Christine said...

My laundry pile looks about the same...I haven't hung clothes in weeks : (

Brandy said...

Love these letters! So cute!

rachel. said...

wom!! i miss your face, and tregas.. haha looks like idaho was a success. i could read about it and invision i was there haha. the solutions we have for things sometimes.. haha i love them. also you and matt are just cute :] cute cute babies to come ahhaa! also sam, i mived for the summer to d.c/ virginia. also nice cohort picture haha.one more semester! blah im just excited for your wedding! haha love.