the airport.

**this is extremely long, but something that i definitely want to remember, so be ye warned**

april 11, 2012

i couldn't sleep the night before.  i laid in bed tossing and turning. one minute smiling, the next crying.  my emotions truly were all over the place.  for you see, i had been in this position once before.  i knew that i would and could get through it, and i knew that it was going to be so much different, so much better than the time before, but i couldn't help but make comparisons.
finally, around 4am my nerves subsided and i was able to fall asleep imagining our airport reunion.

i woke up at 9 and literally felt numb.  i couldn't move or eat, nor did i want to.  i probably sat in bed for a good hour just starring straight ahead.  it was far too early to start getting ready, so to calm my emotions i decided to do what any human would do....watch khloe and lamar...duh!!
i think i watched a solid 4 episodes.. so thank you odom's for passing the time.

i finally began to get ready for the airport adventure.  at this point i had convinced myself that i didn't want to go to the airport.  i was feeling like i needed to vomit, but i knew i would kick myself in the face if i didn't go.
by the time i got ready, this is what i looked like.

with an hour left until go time, i headed to the grocery store to get balloons and a big ass dr. pepper.
i felt i deserved it.
i then headed over to matt's parents house where i made a complete fool of myself, it was awesome. 
 once i began talking to them and the realization set in that this was really happening my nerves disappeared and pure excitement set in.  i was dancing around their kitchen clapping and making up songs.  
they laughed to humor me, but secretly i'm sure they were freaked out. 

finally, at 2:30pm it was time to leave for the airport.
with signs and balloons in hand, and of course my dr.pepper (which i didn't even drink, just held for support)
we headed on our way.

naturally on the car ride up i took my jacket off to avoid tacos.  i was a hot sweaty mess.
we made good time and got to the airport with about 45 minutes to spare before his plane landed.

while waiting we of course took pictures.

matt's high school/football buddies

my support crew = best ever.

matt's brother, SIL, and nieces and nephew

matt's dad and baby haven.

there's a million more pictures of us waiting, but i will spare you.
so we get news that the plane has landed and i'm peeing my pants by this time.
i got super quiet and kind of just stood their doing my own thing.
being super awkward as always
this pretty much sums up my feelings.

matt's mom had gone up the escalator so that she could be the first to see him and get the first loves.  it was awesome, because we couldn't see matt but all of the sudden she starts jumping up and down and disappears.  
next thing we know...

isn't he the cutest thing?!

while that is happening, this is what i was doing....

 pretty much my reaction for the next ten minutes or so.
there were about 30 or so people there to greet matt, so i decided i was going to let him say hello to everyone first and wait patiently for my turn.

it was so precious though, every time he looked at me he would grin so big and wink.  it pretty much melted my heart.

finally, FINALLY, it was my turn

as soon as we hugged, all of my nerves were gone.  i truly couldn't stop smiling.  it was so cute because when we were taking pictures he would grab my hand and squeeze it.

he was hilarious at the airport because he didn't know what to do.
he was like a dog running around distracted by everything.
at one point we were talking...
 and he interrupts and asks if he can show me his yo-yo tricks

i quickly learned that yo-yo equals security blanket. haha he pulls it out when he doesn't know what to do. it's quite precious... and to be honest, he's got some mad sick yo-yo skills.

the next thing he requested was a "fat point" picture or the "mission point" i don't really quite understand it, but i did receive multiple pictures in the past two years with the fat point, sooo here it is.

the rest of the airport experience was filled with smiles, pictures, and more smiles.

because matt was still technically a missionary, we said our goodbyes at the airport and i didn't get to see him again until he got released.

needless to say, the airport was such an amazing experience.  it was almost like nothing had changed.  as soon as i saw his face and hugged him, i knew that the feelings were still there and then some. 

i want to punch blogger in the face right now because i have some pretty sweet video footage to show you of the whole experience but it won't work, and i'm annoyed.

also, our first kiss was so precious.
i will tell you about it another day. tomorrow perhaps :)

thanks to these women for taking the above pictures/video

that is all for now.


Alyx said...

Amy! This is so cute!! I love those pictures of you right as he got there! So adorable!
You guys are the best couple ever!

brielle said...

ahhh this is so precious! i am soooo happy for you!!!

paige and jord said...

am.. i am sooooo happy for you! you look like you are in heaven. you do make such a darling couple, cant wait for your future ;) xo

Alana Christine said...

So glad you documented this!!

rachel. said...


rachel. said...

also i love how i read "the airport" but really the first picture you see is of some creeps!

Tregani Lanham said...

Best day ever!!! you two are the cutest!

haleybrianna said...

1. Your outfit is SOO adorable! I love absolutely everything. Those shoes are to die for.
2. Your man is SOO adorable! It's those little things like squeezing your hand that's the cutest :) You two are so cute!!!!!
3. I'm so glad you have your man back. :) I'm so happy for you!!!
4. I love all these pictures!

I'm very very very happy for you! I can't even imagine what your feelings were!

Meg said...

I love every piece of this post. :-)