grown up decisions.

on monday morning my dearest matthew left me for a week.
he has been given a great job opportunity that requires him to travel 2-3 weeks out of the month.
 i have been so back and forth with the whole idea of him being gone.
it's such a great opportunity in a financial sense.
but, is money the most important thing?

all day yesterday i was bugged, bothered, annoyed, sad etc. etc. 
i just felt really uneasy about the whole situation.
i didn't want to say anything because i felt selfish.
was i just missing him and not wanting him to be gone for selfish reasons?

i finally decided it was something that we needed to discuss more in depth.
the opportunity came so fast and it sounded so great that we made the decision in a moments notice.
but, like i said, all day i couldn't shake my uneasiness.
so i called him and we discussed.
i told him some of my concerns and we talked about it for a long time.

in the end, we both agreed and decided together, that it is important for matt to be around at this time.
although the money is really good, and it is beneficial for both of us, home is where it seems he should be.
he has already committed to a week in texas (current),
the view from his hotel room

 a week in rhode island (june), and a week in new york (june) so i'm gonna be a lonely lady for awhile, but i think i will manage.
(before matt left i jokingly told him to send me a outfit mirror pic everyday, but because he's such a babe he fulfilled my wishes and this morning i woke up to this..haha)

something that matt said while we were on the phone really made me think.
he said
"amy, i'm not doing this for me, i'm doing this for us.  it's a sacrifice i'm making to help us out."

i feel lucky and blessed to have a boy that is willing to make sacrifices and take on the responsibility of a provider.  from the second day matt returned home from the mission he has been working full time, non-stop.  he told me that me and our life together is the motivation that pushes him to work hard.  for that, i am so incredibly grateful.
i found a good one.
also, i have a secret, but i can't tell you yet :)




eryka {from abcde} said...

hang in there dollface! you guys can get through this!!!


Rachel McCarty said...

a secret!! do i know??
also haha i like matts photo, its great.

haleybrianna said...

oh, oh, oh! Secret? ;)
Btw, I mentioned you in my blog post!