reveal and pregnancy update.

this christmas we were able to reveal the gender of our bebe.
i am only 14 1/2 weeks, but my doctor loves me and offered to do it early for free as a christmas gift.
matt and i went to the doctor on december 19th, knowing that there was a chance we wouldn't be able to find out.
the little peanut was sitting on its bum and would not move no matter how hard the ultra sound technician was pushing and prodding around my belly.
it was so precious to see the baby's little bum and legs, it's perfect profile, and everything else.
it actually looked like a real human baby and not an alien.
baby was being stubborn and would not move so we took a break.
the nurses gave me chocolate and told me to walk around for a bit to get the baby moving.
twenty minutes later we go back in for round 2.
once again, baby was stubborn as can be and just kept jumping but would not move it's little legs.

the ultra sound technician gave us two options.
#1 come back in two weeks and try again.
#2 try a vaginal ultra sound

my initial thought was wait two weeks, but of course matt wanted to try every option.
we went for option number 2 and it ended up being a success :)

because of the way baby was sitting, the probe was able to go right between it's little bitty legs and see
IT'S a BOY!!!

we couldn't be more excited :) we immediately left the doctor's office and head straight to the mall to buy our bebe boy some clothes.
we decided we would tell everyone that they weren't able to find out the gender because it was so early, and then secretly we would reveal on Christmas day.

it was perfection.  we wrapped up some baby boy clothes with a note that said, "It's a Boy!!" and wrapped them up for our parents.  They totally believed that we didn't know what it was, so it was great.  They were so surprised!!

we know what our baby boy's name is going to be, but are still deciding on a middle name.  we can't wait to meet our little guy.

for journaling purposes, i am going to jot down some pregnancy stats...
(i'm stealing the same pregnancy highlights from valerie)

how far along: 14 weeks and 5 days

maternity clothes: nope! i've actually lost 20+ pounds so far and had to buy smaller pants.
baby boy makes me sicker than a dog.

weight gain/loss: lost 20+ pounds

best thing this week: revealing the gender to our families :)

gender: baby boy!

movements: not yet!  

food cravings/aversions: i pretty much hate all food.  like i said i've been so so sick and have had a hard time eating and keeping food down.  it's SLOWLY getting better though.  i usually crave things like sour skittles or frozen yogurt...real healthy!

what i miss: being able to eat, cook, and step foot in our kitchen without vomiting.

sleep: i love sleep.  it is my best friend.  the more sleep i get, the less sick i am during the day.
occasionally i have to take unisom to help me sleep and it works like a charm!

what i'm looking forward to: 2nd trimester... hopefully getting past the sickness part, and feeling baby move.

knowing what our baby is and knowing that he is healthy and growing strong = best christmas ever!


eryka {from abcde} said...

so exciting amy!!!

Mike, Adi & Drew said...

Congrats!! Baby boys are so fun! Hope you start feeling better soon!!

Alana Christine said...

Yay! Congratulations!!

Miss Kenzie said...

aw oh my gosh! congrats! so exciting!