baby bump - 17 weeks

my first official baby bump picture - 17 weeks.

it's funny because usually you can only see a visible bump at night right before i go to bed.
my boobs on the other hand just keep getting ginormous.

how far along: 17 weeks

maternity clothes: not yet. 

weight loss/gain: lost 20+ pounds... my last doctors appointment i had only lost 1 pound so it's slowing down, thankfully!

best thing about this week: only having one full vomit day, the rest of the week i have felt pretty good.

gender: boy.. bebe brooks

movements: not yet, but soon

food cravings/aversions: anything in our house i don't like, anything we don't currently have i crave haha
but pasta and noodles disgust me, and frozen yogurt sounds good on a daily basis

what i miss: sleeping like a normal human.

sleep: so awful! i wake up 6,7,8,9,10 times a night.  i'm worried for when i'm huge because i hear it just gets worse.

what i'm looking forward to: my 20 week appointment :) more ultrasounds and hearing baby's heartbeat. my favorite!

dear baby boy,
lately i have felt an overwhelming amount of love for you!  i of course loved you from day one, but lately i have felt so much love for your tiny, growing fetus self.  i'm so excited for you to join our family.  i think sometimes you love your daddy more than me.  whenever we are in bed and he puts his hands on my belly to say goodnight, i instantly feel better and not sick, if only he could comfort us all day long!! haha  i can already tell you love him, and he loves you too!  he's going to be the best daddy.  he's already talking about taking you snow skiing and all the things he's going to teach you.  you'll be a harris boy for sure. oh bebe, so many people love you so much, already!! you are going to be one spoiled turd. i love you so much :)
love, your momma


lesley: the dream tree said...


eryka {from abcde} said...

so excited for you amy and maybe i need to get preggers asap so i can drop 20lbs! haha!

Mike, Adi & Drew said...

Check out that little bump!! How fun! I miss being pregs...although I wasn't sick like you have been so I guess it depends on the pregnancy. Anyway, you look great and are cute and funny as always! You'll be such a fun mama!

Haley Phillips said...

Amy, I wanna see a picture of this new short hair you have! You have such a cute baby bump girl ;) I'm loving it.

Ashley Eliza said...

amy! you tiny little thing. you are the cutest ever. i love your little letter to bebe brooks. which by the way i love the name. i am SO happy for you guys :)


Rachel McCarty said...

cute :)

Kerri Andersen said...

ok thats so weird because the only time my sickness/discomfort from pregnancy goes away is when my husband puts his hand on my belly! its like magic. thats so funny it works for you too! :) pregnancy is so weird sometimes!

Katie said...

you are so tiny! how fun that you got to find out earlier than 20 weeks that you're having a boy! I'm so anxious to find out but have to wait 5 more weeks!

kacie @ mama case said...

new follower from hop! beautiful blog. excited to watch your baby boy bump grow! and week 17 is about when i started feeling better so maybe things are looking up!