pictures and a crazy.

remember when i used to take a photo a day and post it?
i have another blog
where i used to post my photo a day, but then sometime last may it just stopped happening.
with blog, facebook, instagram etc. i noticed that i have stopped pulling out my real camera and quite often take pictures on my phone for the convenience. 
my goal this year is to use my camera more often to document 2013.
to help me, i am bringing back project365.
rather than post each day i will probably post a week's worth of pictures at a time.
if you wish to follow along go HERE and feel free to join in the fun.
and because every post deserves a picture...

my latest people watching capture (on my phone of course)

today. at old navy. mind you it's literally 7 degrees outside.
yeah, she had no shirt.

the best part was the lady behind me totally caught me taking a picture and hit me in the arm laughing and said, "you're so bad!" hahaha

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Alana Christine said...

bahahahaha. I can always count on you to get creeper pictures! We would have lots and lots of fun together!