sunday confessions.

it has been awhile since i've last confessed.

1. i've started to feel baby B move inside of me and it creeps me out.
i don't like to touch pregnant people's bellies, and i don't want people to touch mine.
although i realize it's inevitable.
this picture is just creepy.

i do love my unborn baby, a lot in fact.  although it creeps me out, i am grateful that he moves and i can feel him.  that means he is healthy and growing.  and i'm sure in time i'll get used to it.

2. randomly throughout the day i will miss my husband so much that i will start to cry.
usually it's after he's called me and i hang up the phone.
i feel like such a loser, but i take pictures like this and send them to him.
hormones, man.

3. taking a tub has pretty much become a daily part of my routine.
for two reasons.
number one. it relieves lower back and tailbone pain for a time.
number two. it is so blasted cold everyday, it's my way of staying sane.
and i recommend these four dollar bath salts from wal-mart.
best thing that have happened to me.

4. even though it's the dead of winter, i would probably choose to eat frozen yogurt for every meal if my husband let me.
that is the one thing i consistently and constantly crave.

5. i plan on adopting a baby one day.


Katrin said...

I love taking baths! It is such a great way to relax!
And I would totally not like it when people touch my belly, you are so right!
Thanks for visiting my blog!

Nikkiana said...

I love taking baths. They're so relaxing. :)

Mike, Adi & Drew said...

I think that picture is way creepy!! Don't worry, you won't have to experience that lol!

eryka {from abcde} said...

Im not pregnant but lately when I hang up the phone with Dan I cry. Maybe it's because Im sick. haha. && I love baths too!


Alyx said...

Pahaha, I love feeling the baby move... Wait till he starts kicking stuff off of your belly - that's just weird! Like the other night I had the blanket on my tummy, and it started popping up and down. So crazy to watch.

And baths. I love them. a lot.