easter weekend was great.
the sun was shining, and we got to spend lots of time with both of our families.
on saturday, we had a BBQ and easter egg hunt up at my parents house.

the ladies getting ready for the hunt.

sunni kept walking around with her arm up screaming "egg!" 
like she is in the picture.

pretty sure i have the cutest nieces around.

bryce and caitlin ventured out and brought baby haze.
he's the sweetest little thing.

the girls got to meet him for the first time.

and of course, i taught the littles how to wear easter makeup.
they thought it was pretty great.

alli loves to take my camera around and take pictures of anything and everything.
my favorite are her selfies.  she makes some great faces.

and a little easter baby bump.
28.5 weeks

i forgot my camera on sunday, where we celebrated easter with matt's family.
we spent the afternoon up the canyon, then headed over to his brother's house for a feast and another egg hunt.  we ended the night by having a little devotional talking about the real reason for the easter holiday.  it was the perfect reminder and ending to a great weekend.

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Amy said...

Looks like a wonderful time with family! Happy Easter!