may the odds be ever in your favor.

let's just say the odds have definitely been in my favor as of late.
within the last few weeks, i have won not one, not two, but FIVE giveaways.
and the prizes have been quite spectacular.
i feel beyond lucky, especially with baby on the way.

first, i won this super cute diamond bow ring on alycia's blog from hellofab.

next, i won a $450 visa gift card giveaway from 17 top notch bloggers.
like for reals, who ever wins this stuff?  you always enter hoping it's you, but never really thinking you have a chance.
let's just say i was peeing my pants when i received this email.
matt and i are going to coronado in one week and plan to use this money as our "fun cash"

over on eryka's blog i won a $15 target gift card which i was super stoked for.  I used it to help purchase a cute swimsuit for my trip that fits my baby bump and hopefully i will be able to wear after too!

on gentri's blog i won this car seat cover courtesy of henrylane.  i didn't have one of these yet, so it will be perfect for babies carseat.

the last giveaway i won was on the naptown organizer blog, courtesy of daisy and june.  i won a nursing cover and some burp cloths.  more baby stuff!!

all of this luck is making me think that perhaps i need to host a giveaway of my own and let someone else win for a chance ;)

leave a comment below and let me know what you would LOVE to win and i will try and make it happen!


Rachel Sayumi ♥ said...

OMG FIVE?? Amy that is amazing!!

Kerri Andersen said...

holy cow i am so jealous!!! that is WAY awesome! especially the 450 gift card...wow! i neverrrr win giveaways! haha

Meg said...

You lucky lucky girl!!! I'm excited for all of your winnings!! I love Coronado, so pretty!!! I hope you guys have so much fun and take lots of pictures ;-) Xo

Ebone Whitney said...

Woah baby!!! Congratulations! I hope your good luck sticks with you for much longer!

&I think Target gift cards are always a great thing to win/recieve

Gentri said...

whaaaaaaaaat?! Holy cow! haha! That's so awesome! Congrats, Amy! :D I'm lucky to win 1 a year!

Anna said...

dang! buy a lottery ticket, like now!