a birth story video.

my dear sweet tregani paige was kind enough to not only take pictures, but film some of the birth story.
i have debated whether or not to share this on the blog, but it is so special to me and it really captures the pure joy we felt that evening as brooks came into this world.
it is not in any way, shape, or form graphic...so no worries!
you will see my "push" face which is quite lovely if you ask me.

i am so happy to have this and be able to watch it.  it is something that i will treasure forever and i will always remember those special feelings i had on this day.


Baby Brooks.mov from Amy Lynn on Vimeo.

read his birth story HERE.
also check out my about me page. it's new :)


Kim Bird said...

Wow that was so sweet! Way to make me tear up! ;)
You both look so happy!

Ashley Wright said...

Love the video! So precious! Brooks is perfect!

PS. What was the first song used in this video?

Mike, Adi & Drew said...

OH I LOVE this! How awesome to have forever and ever! He is just a doll and I must say, you look frickin' AMAZINGLY GOOD for just having a baby...geez!

Congrats again! He's so sweet!

Amy said...

Girl, I'm a mess! This brings me right back to my delivery with Cash! What an incredible blessing! So glad you have this!

Amanda Schroeder said...

OK i heard you talking about this last night and had to come watch it!! Talk about AMAZING! I got the chills. You look amazing. And your baby boy is perfect. I am SO GLAD I got to meet you last night!