7 months old.

today brooks is 7 months and 20 days old.

in the last month he has learned so much! he's becoming a little boy.

i must say, the seventh month has probably been the hardest, most challenging month as a mother.  there have been times i've wanted to throw in the towel or call a time out.  most of this was do to the fact that he was sick for over two weeks.  that is much too long in baby world and messes up all sorts of schedules and routines.
if i never have to clean up throw up again i would not be sad.

anyway, beyond the sickness, the seventh month has been so exciting and fun.
brooks has learned how to wave and say bye-bye on command.  he also gives high fives, open mouthed kisses, and the best baby nuzzles you ever did receive.

he may skip crawling all together because he has started to pull himself up on furniture and refuses to stay on his knees.  he scoots backwards or rolls around, but he will not crawl.  he is learning and loving to walk while we hold his hands.  in some ways, i'm so excited for him to be more mobile and move around more independently, but in some ways i'm not looking forward to it. (actually sweeping and moping on a regular basis, no thanks!)

he is the sweetest, happiest little guy and is full of spunky personality.  he knows his mom and daddy and is starting to prefer them, especially when tired, but he still loves all people.
he has become so curious and often tilts his head to the side as if he is trying to figure something out.  it's my favorite :)

at 7 months brooks loves:

-eating whatever we are eating
-drinking out of straws and water bottles
-sitting in the high chair
-baths and showers
-his stuffed animal lion
-toys that aren't actually toys
-playing peek-a-boo
-singing songs
-reading books

at 7 months brooks hates:

-baby food meat (can you blame him?!)
-getting dressed
-his crib (50/50 really)
-being alone in a room
-when something gets taken away from him

i can't imagine life without this little guy.
 he truly has changed our world for the better.  it seems like so many people bash on "mommy bloggers" (cuz i guess i'm one of those now) or people get annoyed with all the posting pictures, updates, baby this, baby that etc.  but TRUST me.. once you have a baby it changes everything for good, and you can't help but share the joy that comes into your life.  mark my word.. all of you haters will be posting just like me! haha

but for reals,
i feel blessed to have been trusted with this sweet baby boy.
and his two little teethies...
and that drool...

and his ice blue eyes...
and that tongue.
ok, i'm done.


Mike, Adi & Drew said...

He's the cutest! I say it every time! Drew started pulling up before he really crawled. He skipped sitting up altogether, only started doing that once he could crawl and he only crawled for like a week. I think his main motivation for crawling was so that he could get to a piece of furniture to pull up into a standing position. It was literally in the blink of an eye...mobility is fun but it also means you have to chase them around, which is great for burning calories but exhausting!!!

Love those little teeth!

kurt and angel blain :) said...

i love me some baby bloggers!! best ever!! being a mom rocks! hard days definitely try your patience but hey we are awesome and we somehow manage to get through it :) you are the cutest mom ever and I love brooks sweet blue eyes!! adorable!!

Alyx said...

Awww he's so cute, and just look at him go, go, go!!

Amy said...

Those eyes, Amy! He's going to be a heartbreaker! What a big boy pulling himself up already! Time slow down!

The Marvelous Flight of Cara said...

That really really irks me about what you said - people bashing baby bloggers. And then it got me thinking... people bash ALL types of bloggers. It's rude and taints this beautiful world of blogging SO much. But guess what, Amy?! It's YOUR blog and it's YOUR baby and uh hello! You are a brand new mommy! Do what you want! And know I'll always support you and always have your back. xoxo

jason & kiley. said...

I always say this... but he honestly is one of the cutest most adorable babies I've ever seen! His face is like, perfect. And his sweet blue eyes. Ok.. good thing you already know all that, right? I'm glad he's feeling a little better, the teething probably contributed to the rough month as well. Jamillie is starting to be more clingy while we're at home now that her first tooth is coming up... at 10 months! Haha

God Srvnt* said...

I just love hearing you be such a happy and proud mother! Hearing you love on your cute little guy is one of the best ways to be an example to everyone! thank you for loving your son the way God originally intended (:

Kym said...

Your blog is so cute and your son is absolutely precious. You will not believe how much being a parent gets more fun and incredible (and messy and challenging) every day. <3

Autumn Duke said...

Oh, he is caaa-ute! Seriously! I'm so glad you started following me, and now I'm repaying the favor. You have a lovely little family and a fabulous blog!:)



Danielle said...

He is SO handsome!!! Seriously. Melting. Don't you just want to eat those little cheeks all day long??