i'm the kind of girl...

i'm the kind of girl who...

-needs something sweet after every meal, except breakfast.

-goes as long as possible without washing my hair.

-can watch the same episodes of FRIENDS over and over, and still laugh.

-hates doing the dishes.

-loves getting my back tickled before falling asleep.

-is confident and comfortable in my own skin.

-always has my phone with me.

-forgives easily and believes in second chances.

-changes into sweats or leggings as soon as i get home.

-prefers a good tub over a shower.

-loves all babies and kids, especially my own.

-prefers to be a stay at home mom and pretend to love cooking and cleaning, rather than go out in the work force.

-has got your back.

-loves my little family more than anything.


Anne said...

Amen to changing into sweets or pjs when you get home!!! I am 100% on board with this...ask my family!!


Amy said...

Oh I love this! Friends! I still laugh out load during the episodes too, no matter how many times I see them!

Samantha @ Life is But a Stream of Thoughts said...

I'm the same way about eating something sweet after every meal (except breakfast), changing into leggings/sweats ASAP, and always having my phone on me. Love it! Such a fun way to get to know you!

Allie said...

Love your answers! I'm always changing into sweats & watching the same episodes of Friends! It's the best show out there :)

Anne Hill said...

love this! and agree with almost all of these! soul sisters?! haha

Katie said...

I am with you on so many!! Friends I love and I live in sweats!