my {not so} baby

tonight as i rocked and sang brooks to sleep, i couldn't help but get a little emotional thinking that this could be the last night that he is my baby.

for 15 1/2 months he's been my little side kick, my shopping buddy, basically my best little friend.  my heart feels a little sad for him knowing that any day now (wishing it was like, ya know, 5 days ago) his world is going to be completely rocked.

he's so good and soft with babies, in fact, he loves them, but i do worry about the shared attention and the fact that baby girl is here to stay.  
i'm excited to see him interact with her and learn how to incorporate her into our little club and daily routines and activities.

a few little things about brooks at {15.5 months} that i always want to remember...

his love of outdoors and trucks/cars.

last saturday, while brooks was napping i put up all of our halloween decorations.  when he woke up he was so excited and kept pointing to everything.  he then found this mummy and they became instant best friends.  he carries it around daily, snuggles with it, tackles it, and in the picture he is waving at his new friend.  he's such a funny boy.

he's looking like such a big boy and i love how cute he is in his little vest.

i bought him a backpack the other week and he is obsessed!  we have given up his diaper bag and he now is in charge of carrying his own diapers, wipes, snacks, and toys.  it makes him so proud and he looks stinking cute walking around with his backpack.

he loves taking selfies and often holds the phone up pretending to take one himself.

oh, how i love this sweet little boy.
he has been so cuddly lately and gives the best loves.
he knows that his baby sister is in my belly and he's already showering her with hugs and kisses.  he loves to lift up my shirt and pat my belly or poke my belly button.  

brooks hayden, you will always be my little baby boy.
i love you so much and i am excited to see you grow into a boy and a big brother.
you are so special to your daddy and me, never forget that.

xoxo, your momma

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