the zoo.

we wanted to do something really fun and memorable with brooks before his baby sister joined our crew.  one good thing about sister sue staying in the womb was that we were able to take him to "free zoo day" at hogle zoo. 

we forgot the camera, but captured some great moments on our handy, dandy phones.
i was worried that it was going to be over crowded but it was absolutely perfect!

brooks absolutely LOVED the animals.  he would squat, point, and laugh every time he saw a new animal.  he loved walking up to the glass and getting as close as he could.   at one point, there was a peacock just walking around the zoo and brooks thought it was hilarious.  he followed it all around and i got the cutest video, but of course it won't upload.

 i'm so happy that we got to go on one last family date with our little man.

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Amy said...

Ya'll have the cutest little family ever! So glad you had one last date as the Harris Trio! :)