remi jayne: a birth story

on october 7th at 12:39pm little miss remi jayne entered this world.

here is how it all went down.

on september 29th (39 weeks preggo), i went into the dr's to get checked... pretty much expecting to be told i was having this baby.  unfortunately, it was not happening.  i was not dilated at all and i had a hard time hearing that.  my doctor stripped my membranes and sent me on my way.
not going to lie, there were a few tears shed on the way home, but i came to terms with it and figured it was better for her to come when she was ready.

the plan was to be induced on october 2nd, but since i wasn't dilated, that wasn't happening.  that day rolled around and it happened to be the worst day ever.  i secretly hoped that i would go into labor that day, but i did not... instead i shattered my iphone. boo.

every day and every night matt and i would keep thinking "this is the day."  really though, i wasn't having any contractions and i didn't feel any different, except for the fact that i was SO ready to be done being pregnant.

october 5th, her due date rolled around and nothing.
october 6th we went in for an appointment and i was SO nervous.  i told matt that if the doctor said anything other than when do you want to have this baby, that i would probably go postal or start sobbing uncontrollably.  i almost started crying as we sat in the room waiting for the doctor to come in because i was so nervous (and pregnant hormones..duh.)

i think the Lord knew i couldn't wait any longer, because the doc came in, checked me, and then said, "do you want to have this baby on tuesday or thursday?"

the thing i love about being induced is that i have time to plan everything out, pack everything, clean, and i don't feel rushed or stressed.  we were able to go home, snuggle brooks one last time as an only child, and enjoy our last night.  i was even able to sleep :)

we checked into the hospital about 7AM.

everything went rather smooth, we went to our room, met our nurse (who both matt and i's families happened to know, which was a lot of fun and a blessing), and got the process started.

the absolute worst part of my whole labor and delivery experience was getting an IV.  i literally hate it so bad and have the worst luck.  every time i have ever gotten an IV, it takes two times before it works... and this time was no different.  

when i checked into the hospital, i was dilated to a 3 and having contractions but i actually couldn't really feel anything other than tightness of the belly.  i didn't really even know i was having them.
at about 8:30 AM, my doctor came in to break my water.  
fifteen minutes later mr epidural man came in and made me one happy woman haha.
i was telling him about my experience with brooks and how my epidural didn't really work and he assured me that he wouldn't let that happen this time.

once my epidural started to kick in, we just hung out and relaxed for about an hour and a half.  i kept falling in and out of sleep.  a little while later, i started to feel my contractions and i thought, "oh no, it's not going to work again."  i pressed the button for more medicine and then called my nurse.  i told her how last time this happened i was ready to deliver and they wouldn't give me more epidural medicine.  she checked me, and sure enough i was at a ten.
the nurse called the doctor and he said to send the epidural man back in to make me as comfortable as possible, he wanted me to rest and descend while he delivered a baby next door, and then he would come in and we would start pushing.

epidural man came in at about noon and gave me the goods and i seriously couldn't feel a thing.  with brooks, i felt SO MUCH pressure but with baby girl i felt nothing.  my nurse, being the doll that she is, told the doctor i was uncomfortable and he bumped me up above the other deliveries.  she told me that he was coming to deliver within the next ten minutes or so.

holy crap.  
we quickly called our parents and my friend tregani who was going to take pictures and told them to get there quick.  i had planned on only matt and i being in the room (with treg taking pictures), but my mom was there and i decided she could stay too. my sister and brother in law were out in the hall waiting.

the doctor came in at about 12:25 and said, "let's do this."
i honestly did not even feel like i needed to push.  it was so different than my labor with brooks.  as i began to push, i see treg make a B line for the door.  i really thought she got a phone call or something, but i didn't think much of it because i was in the middle of pushing.
turns out she got really light headed and went out to get some air.  some nurses saw her sitting on the floor and because of hospital procedures they made her go lay in a bed and asked her all sorts of questions.

meanwhile, i pushed for two sets of three and at 12:39, sweet little remi jayne came into this world.
i couldn't have asked for a better delivery.  it literally lasted ten minutes and i didn't feel a thing.  i was so relaxed and able to enjoy the moment.  i even watched as she was coming out (which i didn't think i ever would.)

as dr.judd is holding my sweet little baby in the air, some random person comes in carrying treg's camera saying, "your photographer fainted and she wants someone to take pictures."

she didn't really faint. she just got light headed because a death migraine was soon to follow.  luckily, between my mom and matt, they were able to get some precious pictures and video of baby girls first moments in the world.  shortly after, treg came back and captured all sorts of magical moments.

after this sweet baby girl came into this world, she was so awake and alert for hours.  her sweet little spirit just filled the room and she instantly brought a calming, peaceful feeling.  thinking about that day makes my heart so full and so happy.  when matt and i were alone with little remi, i looked at him and couldn't stop saying how lucky we are for two healthy babies and a flawless delivery.

i feel so incredibly blessed to be a mother.
i couldn't love this precious little girl anymore than i do.  she literally makes my heart melt.  seeing matt and brooks with her pretty much kills me.  she's our little princess and we love her so much.

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Whitney @ Southern Hope said...

I love birth stories!! Thank you for sharing, so beautiful! And I am so freakin' jealous that you went from a 10 to delivery so fast. I was at a 10 for FIVE HOURS, I pushed for FIVE HOURS. O my gosh, whenever I think about having another baby I'm just reminded of that hahaha :)