brooks' birthday party: petting zoo edition

brooks has been so obsessed with farm animals, especially horses for the last few months so it only seemed fitting to have a farm themed party.
i created him invitations on PICMONKEY and considering i didn't really know what i was doing, i think they turned out pretty cute.

i kept the decorations simple and easy... made some banners using my cricut, got some checkered table cloths, made some chalkboard signs, and some farm themed finger foods.  


the best part was that we had a traveling petting zoo come to the party.  as you can see, brooks was quite excited about all the animals.  first, each kid got to take a ride in the little horse carriage pulled by the miniature horse "milkshake."  it was the cutest thing ever.

^^waiting to ride the pony^^

remi girl got in on the cupcake action and devoured her first one.  she loves all food, especially sweets.

after the pony rides and some snacks, they brought out a bunch of animals in the backyard.  the kids were able to pet, feed, and ask questions about all of the animals.  they learned many animal facts and had a good time.  if i remember correctly, there was a bunny, duck, chicken, lamb, goat, pot belly pig, and a dog.

after all of the animals, we sang happy birthday to brooks and he got to open his presents.

^^this is at the end of everyone singing happy birthday.  he was so stoked and loved to be sang to^^

brooks was so spoiled by all of our family and friends.  he loved every single present and still plays with them daily.  it was such a fun party and everyone had a good time.

i still can't believe my baby boy is a two year old.

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Adrienne said...

This is too cute! He is precious!

Jenn Elton said...

Best party evah