remi jayne: ten months old

in august, my sweet babes turned ten months old.

weight: 18-19 pounds
height: 30 inches

at ten months, remi loves:

-drinking out of cups and straws
-playing outside
-walking with push toys
-taking showers
-silky blankets
-her binky

 she hates:

-not getting her way
-missing out
-getting in her carseat
-baby food

 this sassy little thing is all over the place.  she started walking on and off at ten months.  for the longest time, she would only take steps at home and then bear crawl everywhere else. she has really taken off now and is walking all over the place.

she loves to climb on anything and everything.  one day we were playing in my parents backyard and they have a huge metal slide.  brooks was learning to climb up by himself and the next thing you know, remi is right behind him and climb all the way to the top by herself.  she is a determined little thing.

^^her screaming face on the left^^

she is really into screaming lately because she thinks it is funny.  if any of you have heard her before, then you know she is LOUD and quite high pitched.  it's funny for a minute, but gets old real fast.

she is starting to copy sounds and words a lot lately, especially brooks.  they like to go back and forth making weird sounds at each other.  she says mama, dadda, bro bro (brooks), honey, papa, peppa, ball, baby, baba, and a few other things.

she FINALLY got another tooth.  she has one on top and two on the bottom.  surprisingly she eats human food really well for how little teeth she has.  in fact, she is starting to refuse baby food out of the jars (she still loves the pouches) because she just wants to eat what we are eating.

remi is wearing mostly 6-12 months these days and size 3 diapers.  she is getting a lot taller these days as she has grown out of all her legging and pants length wise.  makes it really fun to find things that fit because her waist is so little.

she is sleeping and napping really good these days which makes my momma heart so happy.  she even puts herself to sleep which is something brooks still isn't able to do.  she is still in her pack n play but we are moving her into a crib shortly and i'm hoping that doesn't mess up her good sleeping patterns.

we love this sweet baby girl so much. 
happy ten months rem rem.

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