hello blog world.

I'm not gonna lie.
I look at peoples blogs alot.
Especially when I'm bored at work.
It makes me want to write in my journal.
I go home and start to write, but then I get bored.
So I stop.
Typing is alot easier for me.
So this in a sense will be my journal.
hello blog world.

love, amy lynn

P.S. I miss this kid.


Jeff and Chelsey said...

A-OH! Looks like we'll finally be able to keep tabs on you! Also, I've fired up another blog

paige and jord said...

uh, hello ms. blogger!
i honestly dont know HOW i came accross this... but so glad i did so i can keep up to date with you. lets get together with all of our friends and go to lunch or something! miss you amy lynn