weekend? yes please!

i am very much ready for this weekend.
i have alot going on, so i'm anticipating the greatness of it.
First, this girl is getting married. So we are throwing her a bachelorette party

Treg is one of my best friends, I love her dearly.

Treg, Rachel, and I live together in the hut.

We were talking last night as we were all laying in bed, how we were going to miss living together and all our late night chats. Everything we do is fun/funny. cooking-funny, praying-funny, watching tv series-fun, talking-fun and the list goes on.

We only wish this little lady lived with us also. She too is getting married :)

Anyway, back on subject. Tomorrow is Treg's a bachelorette party. I can't really give any details cuz it's a surprise, but here are the invitations. They are pretty stinkin' cute if I say so myself.

Saturday I'm working at the snack shack all day with this girl. I'm sure good times will be had. Never a dull moment with amy.steph.caitlin.

Sunday is MOTHER's DAY which is exciting in and of itself. I also will get to talk to my two favorite boys.

Yay for the weekend. I cannot wait :)
love, amy lynn


Chelsey said...

City Center snack snack? Maybe we'll stop by for a sugary treat. Heaven knows Alli needs more sugar than the full bag of marshmellows she pounds at Honey's.

PS I don't remember giving you permission to use by butt and chest has a stencil for your invitations. It's copyrighted so it's going to cost you. Big.

Anonymous said...

I had no idea you had a blog. Im glad because now we can see what you have been up too. I'm terrible at posting and have soo much to catch up on.