oh happy days.

this is kinda embarrassing to post,
sometimes i read peoples blogs and think
"why would you share that with everyone"
but i think this is funny.
so i'm going to share.
a year ago if you asked me if i would be married by now
my answer would have been
hands down.
i did the classic vanchiere thing.
dated the same boy all through high school.
waited (and dated..haha) while he was on his mission.
so the next part of the equation would be marriage..right?
well folks, apparently i'm not a normal vanchiere.
my equation didn't quite turn out that way.
but its ok haha i've come to terms with it.
for awhile i felt a little lost.
i'll be honest, i had my whole future planned out for the next little while.
and then suddenly it wasn't going the way i planned.
it was different and weird.
I didn't know where life was going to take me.
I didn't know what was next for me.
I stopped to evaluate my life and what I had done.
five years out of high school (sick i know)
working, going to school, same old.
i felt like i had done nothing great or grand.
but then i realized i was being a downer.
and i started to think of the good things.

i have quite possibly the greatest job ever.
i get to be with children everyday. and watch them learn.

not only do i have one great job, but i have two.
i work at the dance club as well.
with one of my best friends.

and in the process have made other great friends.

i moved out and live in the cutest house.

i have the greatest family ever.

(this picture is two years old. missing chelsey. and now we have two more additions to the family. clearly it's time for a new family photo.)

and i'm going back to school in the fall

Things may not have turned out how i planned,
but i'm happy the way things are.
i have much to be grateful for.

love, amy lynn

p.s. even though the classic vanchiere thing didn't go my way. we are still routing for these two... :)


Anonymous said...

Oh Amy! My heart did break for you because I knew exactly how you pictured it to be. But you know, there is something better for you. And I think you know it too.
You are so young still and have so much to accomplish. I feel bad you felt like you broke the family tradition. (I couldn't think how best to word that).
I'm glad you are in a good place right now. I wish you would have talked to me when you were "lost." I'm a great listener! Do you need me to start texting you at 1am again? I'm still up and I can do it.
There is so much I would like to say, but I would like it to be for your ears only and the www isn't the best place for that.
In conclusion, I'm basically the best sister-in-law ever. And I wish you would utilize my services. I know I'm kind of intimidating and sometimes unapproachable, but I'm just a regular girl. I feel like my sarcasim isn't fully being applied appropriately. I hope you have apply it as needed. Also, you may need to apply spell check to several words.

Also, were you referring to my numerous blog breakdowns when you said you can't believe people share embarrassing things via blogs?

Bryce and Caitlin 2011! Woot woot!

Jenn said...

Love you Amers! Move to California and live with me! They have a college there.